The Assassination to Silence the Voice of the Heroic, U.S. Based, Journalist, Whistleblower and Democracy Activist Jamal Khashoggi Reflects the Scourge of a Metastasis of a Global Toxic Viral Collusion Towards Fascism is Causing and Which Calls for the ICC Urgent Intervention


October 12, 2018 by Alfred

The world has entered a most perilous stage of what is becoming a culture of perverse, and cynical criminal unaccountability.

There is now an imperative that this scourge be contained, defused, de-weaponized, and extinguished, and this is as urgent and as applicable as it has been to also deal with the “genuine” terrorist movements of Al Qaeda, Al Nousra, Mujahideen-e-Kahlq, and Daesh.

This global effort can only be accomplished immediately by a global collaboration of the International Criminal Court, the Interpol, the United Nations, the European Union, all of the human rights institutions, all of the peaceful conflict organizations, and all of the law enforcement agencies of the world’s democracies which are now under an increasing attack by sociopathic, fascist belligerent hegemony agenda-driven agents of lawlessness, of racist and classist supremacy, of misogyny, of homophobia, and who are also experts disseminators of hyperbolic lies in synergy with hate and fear mongering, and who are copying each other as well as colluding with each other, as they move into the theater of the absurd by attempting to generate societal destabilizations by sowing polarizations leading to confusion, violence, and anarchy.

These execrable agents’ agenda is totally concentrated on “divide to conquer” strategies, and they will not spare any means to reach their objectives, including most criminally the tactics and strategies of inciting against all autochthonous populations of the world, the odious methodology of genocidal and ethnic cleansing.

The list of these agents of fascism is quite evident to anyone who has the time, interest in analyzing the historical reality which has brought us to the conjuncture, and the compassion, empathy, and resolve to bring our planet’s misleaders to face the judicial institutions which will hold them accountable for the crimes against humanity and will then proceed to met out justice in their sentencing punishments.

If we fail in this mission, along with the continuing global warming, and global pollution, as well as global decadence of rationality, and plain common sense, along with the continuing hegemony wars, the continuing proliferation of nuclear weapons and other WMD’s, we will have horrendously failed to leave our children and grandchildren a world which will have the any potential to evolve, and that means the beginning of the end of this world.

Now to identify the said present most irresponsible and most criminally active actors which have to be removed peacefully and democratically and constitutionally and made to face their national and/or international judicial courts and from the plethora of ample documentation about their most egregiously destructive and lethal misconduct, we can easily identify these misleaderships.

Saudi Arabia’s murderous dictator, Mohammad Bin Salman Al Saud, and his power structure.

Philippine’s murderous autocrat, Rodrigo Duterte

Egypt’s murderous dictator Abdel Fattah el-Sisi

Burma’s Aung San Suu Kyi and her criminal power structure comprising violently racist Buddhists.

Israel’s Misleader Benjamin Netanyahu and his Zionist extremist and supremacist power structure

The United States misleader Donald Trump and his power structure comprising most notably John Bolton and Jared Kushner ( all of who benefit from the sale of arms to the murderous regime of  Saudi Arabia and that of Israel) .

The enumeration of these actors involved in the most egregious violations of human rights and in the dehumanization of minorities, are not the only ones and furthermore are actors which act in coordination with many others in their respective power structures.

Brazil, for instance, after a judicial and congressional coup, sentencing its former progressive President, Luiz Inacio da Silva (Lula) to prison without proof that he committed any crime, and after then impeaching the former VP Dilma Rousseff, also without any concrete proof that any crime was committed,  is now facing the possibility that an outright fascist, misoginist, homophobic, military officer who was expelled from the Brazilian armed forces for his relentless pro neo-nazi political activies, could become the President in a run off election on October 28, 2018.

Jair Bolsonaro, as a Zionist evangelist, is an admirer of Benjamin Netanyahu, as well as of Donald Trump.

During his campaign he spoke derisively and insultingly of  Afro-Brazilians,  and of Brazil’s autochthonous (indian) population,  and he praised the 20 years of the military rule from 1964 to 1984, came to power in a United States coup, which practiced torture, and furthermore he stated publicly that he “would prefer to see his son killed in an auto incident than have him announce that he “became” (sic) gay” and when confronted by a female political opponent he told her that she “was too ugly to be raped“.

His election would constitute a catastrophe for Brazil, yet as incredible as it may sound, The Wall Street Journal announced that the following :


[NOTE}  As this article is being composed, The Washington Post has published a news break at 20:22 of today (10/11/2018) that the Turkish government has told U.S. officials that it has audio and video recordings which prove that The Washington Post columnist Jamal Kashoggi was killed inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul.

This, of course, calls for a radical change of the U.S. policy towards Saudi Arabia until it becomes a member of the the civilized democracies of the world, and the very same applies to the urgent need for a radical change of U.S. policy towards Israel which on a weekly basis is now killing tenths of unarmed men and women and children and shooting thousands of peaceful demonstrators demanding their right to return to their homes and to enjoy the peace democracy and freedom will bring to them once they are liberated from the world’s largest concentration camp in history of some 2 million people who lack the fundamental necessities of clean water, electricity, and medical attention.

Now, given that Trump and Jared Kushner deem Bin Salman and the Saudi power structure as allies, and that the same applies now to Israel under Netanyahu, this unholy alliance which characterizes perversely the perpetrators as victims and the victims as perpetrators and, who along with John Bolton and Mike Pompeo characterize dishonestly, hysterically, and unjustly Iran as a “perpetrator” when in reality the exact opposite is the case, i.e. Israel is the perpetrator and Iran in its 250 years has never invaded any country in the Middle East,  and when they characterize the  Saudi Arabian power structure as “victims” when it was partly involved in the 9/11 catastrophe, and which the Trump  misleadership has been  supporting in the bombing massacre and total devastation  of Yemen, it becomes quite clear what is coming if “we the people” of United States do not joint the Peoples of the world in bringing to an end the nightmare scenario of continuance of this insanity.

To finalize this article, the ARGENTUM POST offers its readers the following two references which address the theme of this article.

(1) A Presentation by Rev. Dr. Stephen Sizer, Director of Peacemaker Trust for Persecuted Minorities who will speak at the Washington, DC Palestine Center in Foggy Bottom on Wednesday, October 24, 2018 at 12:30-13:30 on the subject ” The Historical Roots of Christian Zionism, its Theological Basis and Political Agenda “.

As Rev. Dr Stephen Sizer explains, ” the movement of Christian Zionism preceded Jewish Zionism by at least 50 years and facilitated the establishment of the State of Israel.  His presentation will explore how Christian Zionism has solidified the neo-colonial political agenda of Jewish Zionism since that time. With around 100 million devotees, it is, he argues, both the dominant and most destructive expression of Zionism today.”

(2) A very brief interview by the eminent host of Democracy Now, namely Amy Goodman, of Yale University Philosopher Jason Stanley who wrote the book “How Fascism Works : The Politics of Us and Them

image1 (1).png

(3) Just in, Trump’s repulsively callous handling of the assassin(s)  of Khashoggi saying that he would rather not punish them for this assassination by imposing sanctions, since he would “rather cash the Saudi Arabia checks for the weaponry they buy” (presumably to continue their criminal activities).

This stunningly outrageous move of collaborating with the assassinations of Khashoggi by the murderous dictator (aka “Prince”) Bin Salman, by Trump’s continuing with business as usual with this criminal is totally incomprehensible and is totally inappropriate to say the least, and will have severe consequences.



One thought on “The Assassination to Silence the Voice of the Heroic, U.S. Based, Journalist, Whistleblower and Democracy Activist Jamal Khashoggi Reflects the Scourge of a Metastasis of a Global Toxic Viral Collusion Towards Fascism is Causing and Which Calls for the ICC Urgent Intervention

  1. Marie Spike says:

    Yes, this is the latest bold crime committed with impunity on the World’s corrupt stage! Thanks for your unwavering devotion to truth and justice.

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