The Trump/Pompeo/Kushner/Netanyahu Surrealistic, Obscene, Criminal, Support and Whitewash of the Murderously Criminal Power Structure of Saudi Arabia is Asinine and Renders This Gang Legally Complicit, and Hence Their Leader’s Threats Against the International Criminal Court.


October 17, 2018 by Alfred

First of all, it is the height of absurdity for one to ask a murderer to investigative himself.

Yet, this in a way is what Mike Pompeo did and it is a total charade.

The theater of the absurd, enablement of the murderously criminal power structure for years, of the Saudi barbaric dictators (who call themselves a “monarchy”), by the power structure of the United States, to a lesser degree by Great Britain, and by the right-wing extremist, supremacist, and racist power structure of Israel,   is an abomination for which they all must be held accountable by the ICC and by all credible national and international judicial institutions.

We the People ”  can and must immediately initiate this democratic process starting on Thursday,October 25 by voting early, or on Tuesday, November 6.

On this day the impeachment proceedings will begin to coalesce, in order to end the worst nightmare of the history of the United States enablement of Nazis at home and abroad, and of reckless autocratic right-wing murderous regimes world-wide, such as those in Burma, Egypt, Philippines, Honduras,  (inter alia).

Americans also need to vote-out the most rotten to the core corrupt politicians in the Senate and in the House which comprise almost all Republican neocons as well as most of the Democrat neoliberals as long as it takes for them to fess up that neoliberalism is simply neoconism-light and they repent and become authentic democrats (lower case “d”) and join a genuinely reformed Democratic party.

The shameless hypocrisy and perversity of such senators as the Senate Majority ” misleader” Mitch McConnell, who has the chutzpah and perversity to declare that he finds the United States’ deficit “disturbing” and blames the Democrats for the GOP tax cut law which benefits mostly the very rich, and which will be adding a projected $ 2 trillion dollars to the debt over 10 years, all along while accusing liberals for proposing an expansion of government health programs and calling for spending cuts in Medicare and Social Security, is just one example of the utter ethical, intellectual, and political bankruptcy of the Republicans which must be swept out of office without delay.

Another set of neocon and neolib senators who must be voted-out are those whose low integrity, ignorance, malevolence, and dishonesty moves them to sycophantically defer to the murderous regime of Netanyahu which now on a weekly basis targets peaceful, unarmed, men, women, and children who peacefully join the “Great March of Return” to the homes in Israel occupied Palestine after more than a decade in that largest concentration camp in history of some 2.1 million inhabitants whereto they are confined under torturous conditions.  So far 200 have been shot to death and 18,000 have been shot by bullets which expand upon impact and generate such damage that arms and legs need to be amputated.

To add insult to injury, on 10/16/2018 Israel again approved funds to expand illegal settlements in the volatile West Bank city of Hebron.  The decision approved $6.1 million to finance the construction of new housing, day care facilities, and parks.  All of it on Palestinian owned land.

Furthermore, thanks to Trump’s nepotism, Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law and unexperienced so-called “advisor” to Trump, is exposed by the Israeli prestigious newspaper Haaretz as providing a pseudo so-called “Peace Plan” which in reality, according to the Palestinian Chief Negotiator, Saeb Erekat, is ” an attempt to push forward a plan that consolidates Israel’s colonial control over Palestinian land and lives while telling the Palestinian people that money will compensate for our inalienable rights. Plain and simple: Palestine and Palestinian rights are not for sale.”

A particular set of neocons and neolibs which need to be ousted urgently are those who have lied and connived to distort the enormous achievements of President Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry,  Iran’s Minister of Foreign Relations – namely Javad Mohammad Zarif,  European Union President Federica  Mogherini, in successfully bringing about the Iran Nuclear Agreement which is also supported by Russia and China and which our misleader Trump recklessly and irresponsibly unilaterally reneged on.

These senators are the ones who also hysterically and dishonestly incited hate and fear of Iran and falsely and mendaciously accuse Iran of “being a terrorism sponsoring nation” when in reality Iran has been a stalwart in the global effort to rein in, defuse, contain, and destroy Al Qaeda, al Nousra, Daesh, and even the MEK terrorist organization which has been covertly and not so covertly supported by the Cheney/Bush junta as it has carried out murderous attacks in Iran targeting Iranian scientists on the fabricated pretext that they were part of a nuclear arsenal development project.

Most outstandingly we have such ignorant and dishonest Senators as Senator Tom Cotton who during the Tea Party era had the audacity to state that Iran needs to confronted militarily because it is out to conquer the Middle East and the proof  (sic) of that is that  “they already conquered Tehran...”  . Our misleader Trump is considering naming Senator Cotton to the Secretary of Defense post…!

So, go back to the main point of this article, a brief series of paragraphs about the murderous Saudi Arabian power structure of oppressors of their own people which now is acting more brazenly than ever as it feels,  and is,  backed most shamelessly by the axis of Trump’s and Netanyahu’s regimes of “exceptionalist” lawlessness.

We cannot overlook that  Saudi Arabia has ALWAYS been a regime characterized by the most total lack of human rights, freedom of expression, and hence a total and complete vicious dictatorship of a family gang which calls itself a “monarchy”.

Anyone, but absolutely anyone, from a lone blogger such as (e.g.) Raif Badawi who dares to assume the role of an honest democracy activist, for which he was arrested, sentenced without trial for one thousand floggings and 10 years in prison, to the son of Jamal Khashoggi who was imprisoned as a ploy to force by extortion his courageous, brilliant, whistleblower, journalist, former Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to the United States, and former Intelligence Chief of Saudi Arabia, to return from his exile in the United States to Saudi Arabia where his assassination was first planned, is mercilessly now more than ever dealt with in ways that are beyond horrific, thanks to the Trump/Kushner/ Netanyahu enthusiastic support of the Salman father and son et al. crime family.

We cannot forget that it was Saudi Arabia’s power structure which was composed documentably by elements of the Saudi Arabian monstrously murderous power structure which brought us the 9/11 attack.

We must take note that this Saudi Arabian power structure executes on average one person every two days.  This from Amnesty International files.

We also must be aware of the massacre of the civilian unarmed population of Yemen which started in 2014 and has by now has created the most serious human catastrophe in the world by the relentless bombing of Yemen with U.S. bombs by U.S. aircraft and with U.S. active refueling in air support.  Tenths of thousands men, women, and children have been killed, more have been maimed, and now close to 8 million are starving as a cholera epidemic is spreading.

We can go on and on, but the picture has become more than clear.

We the People” incredibly live now under the misleadership of a proto-fascist government whose misleader lost the popular democratic election but was selected by an archaic group of “electors” and who now is protecting, covering up for, looking for excuses to not punish, a most barbaric genocidal regime, asserting brazenly that he does not want to give up the petrodollars his deals with said barbaric genocidal power structure brings into our industrial-military complex (which President Eisenhower warned us against in his farewell speech).

We now face the fact that Trump,  surrounded by such callous, amoral, malevolent, and ignorant members of his cabinet as Nikki Haley who he bizarrely nominated to the UN misrepresentative post at the UN and who, at long last has resigned, and as Mike Pompeo who yesterday went to Ryadh and was seen smiling and almost cavorting with the assassins’ power structure representatives including the Salman father/son misleaders , and now is  advised by such right-wing destructive, lunatic,  odious hate and fear monger, war on Iran inciter,  as John Bolton,   that Trump and acolytes  are now the greatest threat to our national security, to the national security of other nations, and to the stability of the physical world and of its economy.

This  extremely insecure, unstable, decadent, dangerous state of affairs no single decent, rational, patriotic or not, Republican or Democratic or independent American, men or woman,  must any longer tolerate as it could easily spiral out of control and involve us in a world war which neither we nor our children will survive.

No more interventionism is called for, no more arms exports and alliances with murderers and this most particularly means draconian sanctions but no violence, to isolate and bring  back to civilized norms of conduct, scholarly, progressive, and humanist leaderships in the United States, in Saudi Arabia, in Egypt, in Israel, in the Philippines , in Burma and elsewhere.

Most importantly though, is that Trump, Kushner, Netanyahu, Bin Salman, Kissinger, Bush, Cheney  and quite a few others be held accountable for their lies, which caused wars on fabricated grounds and which resulted in the loss of limb and life, be removed from their highly undeserved seats of power, be made to pay for their criminal violations of laws and of the Constitution,  be tried, and then be sentenced accordingly.

Then, and only then can we move forward, heal, and embark on a progressively democratic and Democrat journey to reconstruction, equalization, elimination of discrimination of all kinds, and prioritization of  the establishment of a universal health care program, and establishment of national most affordable college education program.

Enclosed infra, to document some of the least well-known items described in the supra article is a most precious interview by the Democracy Now program hosted by Amy Goodman of an Al Jazerra journalist, namely Jamal Elshayyall in Istanbul.

BTW, Jamal describes how the Saudi Consulate security agent lied to the would-be wife of Jamal Khashoggi about the cameras of the Saudi consulate being off so they could not record the fact that Khashoggi  did not come back out.   In fact Turkey’s security cameras were on and the Consulate security agent knew that.

It is also noteworthy that as soon as the 15 men team arrived via two private planes and then at the consulate, the director of the consulate ran away.

The New York Times has confirmed independently that at least nine of 15 suspects identified by Turkish authorities who arrived at the Saudi consulate, worked for the Saudi security services, military, or other government’s ministries.  One of them, Maher Abdulaziz Mutreb, was a diplomat assigned to the Saudi Embassy in London in 2007, according to a British roster.   He traveled extensively with Bin Salman, perhaps as a bodyguard.   So, it is totally inconceivable that Bin Salman did not know about what was happening.





One thought on “The Trump/Pompeo/Kushner/Netanyahu Surrealistic, Obscene, Criminal, Support and Whitewash of the Murderously Criminal Power Structure of Saudi Arabia is Asinine and Renders This Gang Legally Complicit, and Hence Their Leader’s Threats Against the International Criminal Court.

  1. Michael Corey says:

    Fascism as far as I am concerned. What is sad is how Trumpet sides with these thugs. In an Absolute Monarchy, nothing happens of consequence without the Monarch knowing!
    Trump and all of the scum around him know nothing! Fools all.

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