Senator Cardin’s et al. Bizarre Attempt to Ignore Constitutional Law as Regards to the First Amendment Is Outrageous


December 21, 2018 by Alfred

The “Business of Business is Business” and Its Executives Are Free to Determine Where They Do or Do Not Operate their Business
It is irrational and unconstitutional for members of Congress to try to dictate to corporations where they choose to operate.
The right-wing extremist, nationalist, discriminatory, supremacist “Nation – State” law now renders Israel an Apartheid state in violation of international law.   
The Boycott, Divest, Sanction  (BDS) peaceful approach to ending Israel’s  70 year barbaric abuses and mass killings of unarmed peaceful demonstrators for democracy, freedom, and their right to live in the land these autochthonous inhabitants of Palestine  have lived for centuries is more than just, it is a major precondition for peaceful conflict resolution in the festering conflict the Zionists have generated and are now more desperately than ever using most egregiously their ethnic cleansing tactics to fully and criminally exercise their belligerently violent hegemonic final takeover by “might makes right” tactics.
The exercise of the prerogative of embracing the BDS methodology by Non-Profit organizations, by individuals,  and by American corporations is constructive, rightful, and proper and conducive to peaceful conflict resolution.  The  perniciously dishonest AIPAC propaganda lobby cannot dictate anything to corrupt politicians who do not represent the vast majority of the American people.
Senator Cardin’s dishonest suggestions  of Israel’s innocence or victimhood,  no longer have any traction,  even and most particularly,  among the majority of decent, honest, academic, humanist Jews throughout the world and even in Israel.

PS In case it is relevant, the writer of this letter is the son of Austrian/German Jewish parents who barely survived the Nazi crimes against the  humanity of Jews – and others.

One thought on “Senator Cardin’s et al. Bizarre Attempt to Ignore Constitutional Law as Regards to the First Amendment Is Outrageous

  1. M. Estelle Spike says:

    Definitely irrational and unconstitutional. Cardin and his sociopathic ilk should be expelled from Congress!

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