A Revealing Exposé of How The Profitable Israeli Cyber Attack/Spyware Industry Serves Autocratic Oppressive Regimes to Hunt Dissidents, Gays and Other Minorities

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January 3, 2019 by Alfred

On December 30, 2019 the ARGENTUM POST published an article titled as:

An Example of a Zionist Ethno Nationalist Assault on Our Constitutional Democracy

The infra article which appeared in the prestigious, independent, progressive, high integrity Israeli newspaper Haaretz, further complements the said supra article by documentably establishing the fact that Israel has for a long time been one of the major producer of cyber attack spyware which it sells to highly corrupt, oppressive, authoritarian regimes world-wide and which the said regimes in turn use to hunt dissidents, members of the GLBT minorities, human rights activists, and other minorities.

So, since corporatized mainstream media shamelessly filters such documented reality which is certainly most noteworthy and newsworthy, the ARGENTUM POST hereby provides its readers with the link which provides a glimpse of what appears to be a tip of an iceberg of this threat to the victims of the said corrupt, oppressive, authoritarian regimes.


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