[APFND Nr.89] As Mike Pompeo Pushes Trump’s Destructive “New World Order”, Brazil’s Bolsonaro Right-Wing Extremist Wakes Up to Reality and Is Pushed Back on Two Major Counts.


January 8, 2019 by Alfred

This is an Argentum Post News Flash Digest [ APNFD 89 ]

This Argentum Post writer is reporting from São Paulo, Brazil where, somewhat  as in the USA,  bizarrely a so-called “populist” extremist right-wing, racist, misogynist, supremacist, incompetent, dishonest, and corrupt set of misleaders came to power.

In the case of Brazil this occurred by a complex set of circumstances comprising the gagging by imprisonment without proper judicial proceedings of the previous President Lula who was way ahead in the favorite and most likely to win the election.

President elect Jair Bolsonaro has misused religion by exploiting his background as a pro-ethno nationalist Zionist evangelist lack-of-values politician who was expelled from the Brazilian army for planning to blow up a government building, and by extolling his sycophantic admiration for the similarly corrupt, about to face justice, Zionist ethno- natiolanist extremist Benjamin Netanyahu who promised Bolsonaro crowd-control technology and weapons in exchange for his,  illegal under international law, move of the Brazilian embassy to Jerusalem.

As vultures of a feather flock together, immediately upon winning the election by a narrow margin, Jair Bolsonaro, Trump, and Netanyahu in their unholy alliance with the murderous, terrorist misleader of Saudi Arabia, Bin Salman,  who clearly is responsible for the assassination of the American based journalist Jamal Kashoggi, united in their conspiracy to assault the constitutional democracies of the U.S. and Brazil – to begin with- to further their hegemonic,  belligerent, and dishonest objectives as regards to,  most particularly, one of the most stable, most resourceful, and most democratic nations of the Middle East, namely Iran, whose nuclear agreement with the P5+1 nations was vandalized by the Trump/Netanyahu saboage to the dismay of the P5+1 nations of the world who firmly support it, along with the 28 European Union countries.

To summarize this APFND, and to cut to the chase, the following two major positive developments just occurred in Brazil which deal a major blow to the sinister and nefarious objectives of the afore-mentioned misleaders.

(1 DOA (Dead on Arrival)  is now Jair Bolsonaro’s objective of destructively attacking the secondary public school education system in Brazil by banning the education of politics, human sexuality, ideologies, and socialism.    It turns out that 71% of Brazilians strongly oppose this attack on their constitution and educational system.  See “Folha de São Paulo” edition article of today, January 8, 2019 by Paulo Saldaña.

(2) DOA is additionally now Jair Bolsonaro’s objective of allowing the U.S. to establish a military base in Brazil, in addition to its 800 military installations world-wide,  of the kind of Fernando de Noronha in Brazil’s northeast which General Vernon Walters promised to use in 1964 should the military coup to overthrow then the democratically elected President João Goulart , and in which case he said General would have dispatched an aircraft carrier to assist the crushing of the democracy there.  This is something which happened with U.S. support and it was  something which ushered in 20 years of a horrific dictatorship characterized by abductions, torture, and disappearances.

This time, it was the military sector of Brazil which was offended by Bolsonaro’s agreement to accommodate the intellectually, politically, diplomatically challenged Trump/Mike Pompeo bizarre call for a so-called “new world order” which is a destructive threat to all democracies and non-democracies of the world and which Bolsonaro did not coordinate with the military high command, and would have been something which would be in violation of Brazil’s sovereignty and of its 30-old constitution.

See “Folha de São Paulo” edition of today, January 8, 2019 by Igor Gielow.

These “DOA’s” are hopefully just the tip of the iceberg for Bolsonaro and Trump, plus Netanyahu, and indirectly  Bin Salman, who soon should be removed from power by peaceful, legal, and constitutional means by their respective people’s justice and law enforcement institutions as they have most terribly mislead their own people by their egregious and dangerously reckless and criminal acts, which are proven to be so, by a plethora of documented evidence.

One thought on “[APFND Nr.89] As Mike Pompeo Pushes Trump’s Destructive “New World Order”, Brazil’s Bolsonaro Right-Wing Extremist Wakes Up to Reality and Is Pushed Back on Two Major Counts.

  1. Marie Spike says:

    Thanks for this factual, first hand report from Brazil. Glad to know that Brazilians will push back against Bolsonaro’s extremist, right wing agenda!

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