The Bizarre, Cowardly, Perfidious, Criminal Under International Law, and Extremely Dangerous Intervention in Venezuela by the Trump/Mike Pompeo/Pence/John Bolton/Elliot Abrahams et al. Gang is Beyound Abominable


February 2, 2019 by Alfred

This is 2019 and yet the above noted “gang” is going back decades to the time when U.S. imperialism, under false pretenses, intervened violently in the elections and in the internal affairs violently some 55 times in Latin America since 1903.

Venezuela is a sovereign nation, has a democratically elected president, and has run into a complex web of social and economic problems caused by (a) the fall of the price of oil, some corruption, some governmental mismanagement, and (b) by an insidiously vicious campaign of vilifications and fake news coupled to the slapping of criminal sanctions on it by the dishonest, incompetent, classist, racist, misogynist deal breaker Trump, whose time for impeachment along with that of Mike Pence, is now long overdue, who secretly at time have been,  at times brazenly so, involved actively in the total shutting of Venezuela off from the world’s financing markets and have for quite some time have conspired with corrupt the moneyed elite of Venezuela with attempts to overthrow not only the Nicolas Maduro government, but as well – under the Bush misadministration – have supported such a coup against the Hugo Chavez government which spectacularly failed.

The reason for the interventionism is (a) Venezuela has the largest oil capacity in the world – some 300 billion barrels – (b) said oil capacity and its refineries are state-owned, and (c) Venezuela’s government since its Bolivarian revolution has adopted a socially progressive form of governance which, as in Brazil by Lula, has brought hundreds of thousands of its poorest people out of poverty and has provided them with health care and educational opportunities.

At this moment, the “deal killer” ( i.e. most notably the successful Iran Nuclear Agreement and the equally successful “Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces” Agreement,  Trump (et al.) has managed to undertake a literal piracy attack on Venezuela by targeting CITGO/PDVSA , the national oil industry with subsidiaries in the U.S. (who by the way, had agreed to sell its oil at below market prices for the benefit of the inner city poor sectors of the U.S. during the Hugo Chavez government), and thus far the damage of freezing Venezuela’s assets in banks in the U.S. has reached some $ 7 billion dollars.

Of course, this seems to be a case of history repeating itself, since with the initiative and active support of the disgraced President Nixon and his Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, the U.S. on 9/11 of 1973 succeeded in bringing about the violently lethal overthrow of the social democratic government of Dr. Salvador Allende who was killed defending himself during a bombing of the Moneda Palace (Chile’s White House) in order to install the fascist General Augusto Pinochet who tortured and killed thousands of peaceful dissidents.

The history of U.S. bloody interventions abroad has filled books, but the corporatized media has almost always been shamelessly derelict in its duty to inform educationally the American people about the sordid crimes of interventionism, not only in Latin America, but most particularly there.

So, this writer of the ARGENTUM POST has decided that it would be more effective and useful to at this point incorporate into this article two videos which would document the above allegations about the sordid history of the said long history of U.S.interventionism.

So, see infra, (1) the video of an interview by “Democracy Now’s” legendary one of a kind independent news review, namely Amy Goodman.  Said interview features the twice George Polk Award winner, the Robert F. Kennedy Journalism award winner, and the Alfred I. Dupont Columbia award winner, namely the most distinguished, eminent, courageous, honest investigative journalist Allan Nairn.

Next, see infra, (2) a shorter video, by Peter Lavelle’s “Crosstalk” as he holds a discussion between academics about the Trump et al. outlandishly scandalous aggression on Venezuela.

One salient comment about this article is the following.

By using the hate and fear mongering as well as ignorant backing of such low-lives as that of Elliot Abrahams who has been convicted for lying to Congress during the Iran-Contra hearings, as well as that hollow head, ditto head for Trump, namely his Secretary of State Mike Pompeo (who now is calling for putting Cuba back into a list of terrorism sponsoring nations when in reality IT was never a “terrorism sponsor but was a VICTIM  of U.S.- based Alpha-66 terrorism and never carried out  and to boot that other right with ultra extremist hate and fear monger John Bolton, who today declared to the President of Venezuela that he better escape to some nice beach unless he is ready for Guantanamo, this gang reflects their utter disdain for democracy, for constitutional democracy, for diplomacy, for simple decency, and for honesty, something which has always been clear, but which under the present disgraced and destructive misadministration has done way too much harm to the United States and to its preponderantly good people.

Point in particularly now, is its intelligence community which was told insultingly and abusively by an enraged and deranged Trump to “go back to school” because all heads of intelligence disabused Trump of the utterly false notions that Venezuela, or Iran, or Cuba constitute a “threat” to the U.S. and in return, all the while expressing such an insult,  this utter failure of a non-presidential man has the nerve and lack of character and morals, by cavorting with such murderous and terrorizing misleaders Bin Salman who approved the assassination of a Saudi Arabian U.S. based democracy advocating journalist (Jamal Kashoggi)  because this non-presidential man “likes” to sell weapons to Bin Salman who misleads his nation which has been carrying a veritable genocide in Yemen which has killed some tenths of thousands there and as a result of the infrastructure destruction the aerial bombardment caused with U.S. jets being fueled in mid-air by U.S. pilots, has now caused the worst humanitarian disaster in Yemen which has millions starving and which has generated an outbreak of cholera.

The same woefully shameful behaviour Trump exhibits by cavorting with PM Netanyahu who characterizes decent American Jews who criticize Israel’s crimes against the humanity of the Palestine whose land they occupy in violation of international law.

The way forward for a great America is to elect PROGRESSIVE Democrats, and not establishment neo-liberal ones who essentially have transformed themselves into neocon-light mostly corrupted politicians who will never end the hegemonic perpetual interventionism and the hyper inflated offensive defense spending whose funds “we the people” must now more than ever to unite and claim for the establishment of a universal public health care system, for an affordable higher education system, for infra-structure maintenance and construction, and to drastically improve equality and social and economic justice for all.

It was President Eisenhower who in his farewell address stated that “we the people”  should beware of the industrial-military complex and of foreign entanglements above.

Unfortunately “we the people” did not pay enough attention to this warning.  Unfortunately the corporatized media failed us ignominiously and war after war were committed literally criminally without our support, no matter who many consciously aware marched by the millions.  This is a major tragedy in the history of our beloved nation.

President Eisenhower also excoriated President Truman’s first and only use of nuclear bombs on innocent civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.   The U.S. must commit itself to NEVER USE NUCLEAR WEAPONS unless attacked by their use and even then it would have to be done with the utmost minimally possible collateral damage.  This will encourage other nations to along with the Club of Five Nuclear powers plus India, Pakistan, and most particularly the occupier of Palestine, namely Israel, to give up for be forced by sanctions to give up their nuclear weapons.

Eventually we must rid the world of nuclear weapons and start NOW.

One thought on “The Bizarre, Cowardly, Perfidious, Criminal Under International Law, and Extremely Dangerous Intervention in Venezuela by the Trump/Mike Pompeo/Pence/John Bolton/Elliot Abrahams et al. Gang is Beyound Abominable

  1. M. Estelle Spike says:

    Yes, beyond abominable!

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