[APFND Nr. 90] It is Brazenly Clear by Now that the Trump’s Administration “MAGA” Slogan Was a Camouflaged and Dishonest Ploy to Morph it into “MAPA” and Consequently it has Become “MADA”


February 5, 2019 by Alfred

This is an ARGENTUM POST News Flash Digest [ APFND Nr. 90] as well as sequel to to the AP article published on 02/02/2019 and titled The Bizarre, Cowardly, Perfidious, Criminal Under International Law, and Extremely Dangerous Intervention in Venezuela by the Trump/Mike Pompeo/Pence/John Bolton/Elliot Abrahams et al. Gang is Beyound Abominable

“MAGA” or “Make America Great Again”, is now, on the day of Trump’s State of the Union address, brazenly morphing into “MAPA” or ” Make America Provocative Again” the therefrom, particularly as relates to the military threats on Venezuela, morphing into “MADA” or Make America Dangerous Again, as this long in the planning destabilization of the Venezuelan economy coinciding in the dramatic fall of oil prices and other factors, creates the opportunity for the U.S. to again stoop as low as it did on September 11, 1973, when neocons with some neoliberal support, had the Nixon/Kissinger gang set the stage for the bombing of the Moneda Palace in Santiago by General Augusto Pinochet, and this after destabilizing the Chilean economy, calumniatingly misrepresenting the popularly elected President, namely Dr. Salvador Allende, as being communist friendly.

Dr. Allende died during the attack, at least 3 thousand innocent intellectual and worker dissidents were assassinated, and torture of others became pervasive.

The objective then was the nationalization of the cooper mines by the Chilean government which paid compensations for that move which it had a right to undertake,  and the objective now is the looting of greatest reserves of petroleum in the world, as the right-wing ultra extremist John Bolton declared by stating that it is in the best of the United States economy for American oil companies to move in and privatize Venezuela’s oil reserves.

The risk of the misuse of military means, or event of the use of such threats, to invade a sovereign nation and take down the popularly elected legal government of President Nicolas Maduro,  which the corporatized media shamelessly and continuously calls “dictator Maduro” incurs provoking extremely dangerous two risks.

One risk is that of this irrational move to widen the conflict into a civil war, and the other even greater risk is that of widening the conflict into an international extremely dangerous confrontation with China and Russia, since both have invested major sums of money and technology in Venezuela.

We are hence back on track to restart not only a cold war, but in even playing the dangerous game of rolling the dice to a point where we will be heating up the conflict with Russia and China and that could lead insanely to world-wide calamitous catastrophy, not to mention the economic disastrous effects but as well the human lives loss and infrastructure destruction in this hellish and obscene marathon of perpetual wars for perpetual profits for the industrial-military complex profiting elites, all the while “we the people” seem doomed to be relegated, in the richest country of the world, to lives without hopes for decent medicare for all program, for decent affordable higher education, since without the attaining the objective of decent, competent, honest, PROGRESSIVE, governance in the White House and representation in Congress, America will never again become all it can be and should for all of us who aspire peace, justice, equality, freedom from violence and from discrimination of any kind, and prosperity of the kind that has us saving the funding of the coming generation’s formidable task of conserving our environment for survival’s sake.

With this foreword, the ARGENTUM POST provides its readers for another one of the highly valuable (for its contextualizing educational content) interviews by one of the most prized television news programs, namely the properly characterized DEMOCRACY NOW program which is hosted by the formidable and indefatigable Amy Goodman.

The segment which is captured infra was conducted about 7 hours ago.

It features the interviews of two eminent university professors and authors who are experts in the field of United States – Latin American history (inter alia).

Their names are : Miguel Tinker Salas of Somona, who wrote ” Venezuela – What Everyone Needs to Know ” and David Smilde of Duke and of the Washington Office of Latin America  who wrote “Venezuela Politics & Human Rights”.

BTW, Trump has most clearly established that while he uses falsely the word “human rights” just as Mike Pompeo seems to be prompted to use that, in their feeble attempt to justify their international law violations in the forms of threats not only on Venezuela, but as well on Iran, Cuba, and Nicaragua, and any other country who does not align with our expectations, and most particularly those who eschew deregulated consumptive capitalism run amok, they have documentably proven how they could not care less about human rights by their shameless codling of such murderous regimes as,  most particularly the Saudi Arabian one (inter alia), since Israel is another example in their horrific abuse of the Palestinians and many more,  to whom the Trump administration promised unconditional weapons sales, while the misleaders of these nations attack their neighbors or conduct ethnic cleansing of lands they have occupied, such as in Burma.

Saudi Arabia is a most grotesque example as it executes an average of one of their inhabitants every other day for merely criticizing the regime or blogging in support of democratization.  It also grants the parents of young people who dare to defy the dictatorial regime by leaving it and one such example is that of the Saudi teen refuge Rafah Mohammed, who escaped to Canada and received asylum there because her father and her brothers planned to punish her by killing her.  Incredibly but factually the Saudi government granted her parents their right to execute her.

Obviously the execution of the American base dissident democracy advocate Jamal Kashoggi, is another example of the surreal lack of respect for human rights and human lives which characterizes the Trump administration.

The nomination of Elliot Abrahams as an advisor for the Venezuela destabilization and coup is the most horrendous one imaginable as Elliot Abrahams was indicted and convicted of lying to Congress and violating the law banning the arms shipments to the Guatemalan genocidal dictator Rios Montt who in the 80’s carried out a massacre against the autoctonous population of Guatemala which resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands.  This fact is historically documented, but hardly touched upon by the U.S. corporate media, which is criminally derelict in its duty to accurately inform and thereby educate the American public about the heinous crimes which are committed in our name and with our hard earned tax payments.

One of the best sources for this information is the provided by the highly principled and courageous investigative journalist and author Allan Nairn.

So, see infra the supra referred to video clip of the interview by Amy Goodman of DEMOCRACY NOW.

One thought on “[APFND Nr. 90] It is Brazenly Clear by Now that the Trump’s Administration “MAGA” Slogan Was a Camouflaged and Dishonest Ploy to Morph it into “MAPA” and Consequently it has Become “MADA”

  1. M. Estelle Spike says:

    Utterly tragic and evil to the core!

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