The Hypocritical Double Standard in the Call for the Resignation of Governor Northam

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February 5, 2019 by Alfred

Governor Northam’s yearbook image of 40 years ago does not call for his resignation.

It is the height of an hypocritical double standard for Republicans and even some Democrats to call for the Governor’s resignation over an image with racist overtones which appeared 40 years ago, when Northam was only 25 years old.

Yes, it may have been a very insensitive and not funny expression of humor in a state which was 40 years ago a fairly racist state given its history.

Yes, if Northam was in the picture or if he authorized it, it was a very insensitive act, by then an obviously immature 25-year-old man.

However, our misleader of a president, namely President Trump, who is a very (age-wise) mature 72-year old man, who in contrast had the audacity to just very recently to declare,  on August 11, 2017 in the Charlottesville demonstrations by violent armed Neo-Nazis, which were naturally confronted by unarmed protestors which lead to violence by said armed Neo-Nazis which resulted in the killing of a young woman and to many people being severely injured, that   “…there were good people on both sides…”, there is no question that he should have been forced to resign.

Good people on both sides” …!

That obviously means ” good Neo-Nazis ” from Trump’s disgraceful perspective, and from the perspective of any Nazi or Nazi sympathizer.

This is not a crime, but it is quite clearly reveals what the President of United States’ values are when it comes to Nazis.

No president who praises Nazis should ever be elected in any country, much less  elected indirectly, i.e. not by the popular vote in the United States.  “We the People” do not want that and do not deserve that and we are more than 75% of those who voted in 2016.

It is clear that Trump is  racist, a misogynist, and dishonest, but it seems that in this case he accidentally was honest by characterizing Neo-Nazis as “…good people…”, and his plethora of an additionally utterly flawed personality as well as a total absence of ethical values, in synergy with his incompetence, who most probably is soon to be indicted for corruption,   indeed calls for his immediate resignation/impeachment should have occurred even prior to the Charlottesville incident, since – very much unlike the case with Governor Northam, the basis for impeachment here is 100% plausible, because he has proven not be fit to govern the United States, and in fact every day, every hour he occupies the White House, he is a threat to our national security, particularly now as he and his cohorts want to take America back to the cold war days and even heat these dangerous days up by looking to overthrow governments in Latin America such as Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba and in the Middle East, and such as country as Iran which has in the last 250 years never invaded any of its neighboring countries and is falsely portrayed as a “threat” to Israel by its Zionist propagandist smear campaigns, all of which for absolutely no discernible reasons other than to capture natural resources control such as petroleum and/or for the deranged right-wing extremist Neo-Nazi hegemony mindset which destroyed Germany and most of Europe in WWII.

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