Exposing Crime Cannot Be a Crime:Julian Assange Is A Journalist, Publisher, and Whistleblower Who is Persecuted by Right-Wing Extremist Elites for Safeguarding the Public’s Right to be Truthfully Informed


April 13, 2019 by Alfred


The writer of the ARGENTUM POST (at right) in front of the British ambassador’s residence with fellow protesters against the illegal arrest of Julian Assange.

Whistleblowers are literally guardian angels who deserve to be highly commended and honored,  by their exposure of the truth about serious corruption, dishonesty, perversion and criminal activities and acts of historical reality suppression, which have led to wars and to collateral murder damages of wars.

The list of such extraordinarily humanistic heroes which have often sacrificed their lives for the sake of saving lives and setting the historical record straight is too long for the objective of this succinct article.

Daniel Ellsberg, for example, saved countless lives when he had the “Pentagon Papers” published which covered the political and military intervention of the U.S. in Vietnam from 1945 to 1967.  The Ellsberg papers strengthened the public opposition to the Vietnam War which ended in 1975.

Assange exposed, inter alia, the collateral murder of innocent Iraqis captured in scenes from a helicopter which covered such atrocities.

He also exposed documentably the sordid undermining of the Bernie Sanders nomination campaign by Hillary Clinton, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and other neoliberal DNC operatives, as well as Clinton’s hegemonic gung-ho attitude in support of the bombing of Libia and Iraq and of her insistence which prevailed when as Secretary of State she declared in 2009 that the criminal coup in the middle of the night of the democratically elected President Zelaya of Honduras, would not be characterized as a “coup” so as to preserve the U.S. interests in the U.S. military base in Honduras.

The right-wing criminal gang which took over the government in Honduras since then has run the country off the track, so much so, that it is now almost a failed state which has its people rendered refugees and that has resulted in the assassinations of labor organizers and human rights and environmental leaders such as that of the young and dedicated Berta Caceres.

Again, the list of positive reality based corruption and crimes exposed by highly principled, brilliant  Julian Assange is too extensive for the objective of this article.

The writer of this ARGENTUM POST, went to the British Consulate in São Paulo, Brazil, 7 years ago to join the protesters when Julian Assange was forced to request political asylum at the embassy of Ecuador in London.

On Friday, April 12, 2019, this writer of the ARGENTUM POST, went this time to the embassy of the British government in Washington, DC to again demonstrate, this time in support of Julian Assange who as a result of a horrific miscarriage of law enforcement, justice, and for political reasons, was forcibly removed from the Ecuador embassy by British police and taken into custody, because the previous government of Ecuador, namely that of the socialist Raphael Correa, which gave Assange political asylum, was substituted by the right-wing corrupt government of Lenin Moreno who requested that the British police remove Assange from the embassy.

Vice President Pence declared to Moreno that ” The actions that you have taken have brought us closer together “…

Moreno has at the same time received a $ 4.2 billion loan from the International Monetary Fund in Washington, DC.  No further comment needed.

Even if Assange had really committed a crime, his 7 years of forced confinement in a small room at the Ecuador embassy were more than enough unjust suffering meted out on him,  and it affected Assange’s health to the point that he needed hospitalization yet the British government would not allow him to leave without apprehending him and then most probably extraditing him to the U.S. where Trump has proposed imbecilically to have him tried on false basis of the 1917 Espionage Act, which is inoperable in Assange’s case, but he can now face years in prison on ludicrous charges of attempting to conspire to intrude into a computer or something of that nature.

This bizarre arrest of Assange is an attack on all of the independent and even mainstream media professional and conscientious journalists who have the gumption  to expose the crimes against humanity of interventionist, right-wing extremist, rogue states who have now formed a coalition of malevolence hysterically attempting to assault constitutional democracies around the world.

Most insidious and dangerous are the power structures of Bin Salman in Saudi Arabia, Netanyahu in Israel, Bolsonaro in Brazil, and – it goes without saying -Trump in the U.S. (where at least thanks to the federal judges, his worst ignorance, arrogance, and malevolence, as well as ineptness, generated impulses are still prevented).

The ARGENTUM POST at this point provides its readers with two videos on the outrageous atrocity committed on Adrian Assange which features the following two highly acclaimed brilliant academics.

(1) an interview of the eminent and distinguished author and filmmaker John Pilger by the host of Going Underground, namely Afshin Rattansi


(2) and, a Noam Chomsky presentation and interview by the indefatigable, and dedicated host of Democracy Now, namely Amy Goodman.



2 thoughts on “Exposing Crime Cannot Be a Crime:Julian Assange Is A Journalist, Publisher, and Whistleblower Who is Persecuted by Right-Wing Extremist Elites for Safeguarding the Public’s Right to be Truthfully Informed

  1. Marie Spike says:

    Thank you for this tribute to Julian Assange, who has been a precious beacon of truth in a.worldwide network of lies. I have felt sad and angry since his arrest. I was mesmerized watching Noam Chomsky on Democracy Now last evening, who brilliantly narrated and analyzed history and current affairs with respect to the terrible games of world domination our elected and appointed officials play, which always includes the silencing of truth-tellers and critics. John Pilger, has been eloquently paying tribute to Assange for years. All heroic and wonderful roles models. Julian Assange, along with all the other great investigative journalists and whistle-blowers are and have always been brought to their knees, locked away, tortured and even murdered. How utterly cruel and despicable all these evil despots are! Let’s hope our thoughts and prayers somehow bring comfort to Julian and all his suffering soul-mates.

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