The Horrific Ramifications of The CIA Warning to Friends and Relatives of the U.S. Based Saudi Arabia Assassinated Jornalist Jamal Khashoggi That They May Be Targeted by Saudi Arabia’s Bin Salman

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May 10, 2019 by Alfred

The stunning announcement by the CIA that friends and relatives of Jamal Khashoggi may be targeted for assassinations further brings home the danger to our national individual and collective security if Donald Trump is not impeached.

With “allies” of our misleader, Trump as Bin Salman “We the People” do not need enemies!

Saudi Arabia executes an average of one person every other day, and a vast majority are not criminals but simply dissidents who dare to express themselves in writing or speech as being supporting the concept of democracy activism in the mildest manners.

What this CIA warning says is that the arm of the Saudi power structure which guides itself by Wahhabism which is the reactionary branch of a most extremist form of Islam practiced in Saudi Arabia and is said to be the main source of global terrorism, and this arm is now going to reach and punish friends and family of those who, like the noble Jamal Kashoggi journalist, advocated democracy activism, and hence they need to be punished by execution. 

The CIA and foreign security services are warning friends and colleagues of Jamal Khashoggi that their efforts to continue the pro-democracy work of the slain Saudi journalist has made them and their families the targets of potential retaliation from Saudi Arabia, according to individuals apprised of the threats and security sources in two countries


The ramifications of this warning are stunning beyond words, given that every day and every hour, our so-called President which is not really presiding but wreaking havoc on the U.S. and on the rest of the world by provoking and threatening entire nations which are stable and innocent with destructive tariffs, with potentially calamitous military interventions, while hurling dehumanizing insults at the peoples and leaders of these and other nations, and while simultaneously also engendering a Constitutional crisis by sociopathically behaving like an inchoate dictator who is confronting, insulting,  and degrading the CIA, as well as the Congressional Democrats and independents,  in ways which brazenly comprise and expose tactics and strategies designed to sabotage and obstruct their respective responsibilities and functions of government agencies and of their leaders which have been forced often by Trump to resign or be fired or were fired for advising Trump to be cautious, begs to be removed peacefully and legally from power.

Adding to this bizarre, downright deranged spectacle of destructive behaviour, Trump now turns to practice omerta strategies as regards to the public’s and Congressional committees’ right to know the truth as regards to the significantly censored Mueller report and as regards to his tax records which beg investigations as the New York Times has just reported that between a period of some 10 years he has lost more money than any American in history, i.e. about $ 1.2 billion dollars and that he, therefore, has paid zero income taxes for those years.

All along Trump seems to desperately deflect attention from his crisis by surrounding himself with such hysterical mummified hawks as John Bolton, Elliot Abrams, and empty ditto heads such as Mike Pompeo, who are by a confluence of ignorance, arrogance, and malevolence try to bring the worst out of Trump who in turn in addition to being at war with the press for war when he does not like want it reports, is now compelled to threaten war on Iran, Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, and at some point with China and Russia,  not because these countries constitute a “threat” but either because they do not align with Trump’s imbecilic diktats and/or because of their oil wealth and other mineral resources forms of wealth, and/or because in his feeble-minded definition of “socialism” , Trump myopically maintains that they must be sanctioned, sabotaged, and maybe even bombed because they are perceived as practicing socialism as if this in itself is something bad.

While these wasteful diversionary tactics which lead to tenths of lawsuits and scandals, in synergy with pronouncements by Trump of his perverse admiration for such “alliance-worthy” autocratic, oppressive, nationalist, racist supremacist, regimes with misleaders who sycophantically submit deferentially and destructively to Trump’s regime comprising such decadent and corrupt criminals as Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines, Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil, Viktor Orbán of Hungary, and most egregiously Benjamin Netanyahu who in real collusion along with Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner ( See “Kushner’s Peace Plan is Pretext for Israeli Land Grab: Palestinian UN Ambassador” by Mondoweiss )  is now plotting with the murderous dictator of Saudi Arabia, namely Bin Salman, on means to destroy Palestine completely by annexing the West Bank.  

Adding this to the now stunning CIA revelation that Trump’s protegé, the murderous dictator of the world’s most corrupt and dangerous power structure of the state actor of domestic and international terrorism, namely Saudi Arabia, is a power structure with which Trump, his son-in-law Jared Kushner, and about to be probably indicted for corruption crimes, PM Benjamin Netanyahu continue to carry on with business as usual after the Bin Salman ordered assassination of the U.S. based journalist Jamal Khashoggi, while Saudi Arabia is carrying out bombing massacres in the poorest nation in the Middle East, Yemen, the trio is selling the Saudis weapons for petrodollars and this, therefore, means, without exaggeration, that the man who wound up occupying the seat of power in the White House, even though he lost the 2016 elections on the basis of the direct democratic vote by some 3 million votes,  is a man who is cavorting, and collaborating with a cabal of murderous terrorists. 

All of this utter decadence and of men bereft of any ethics and humanity is surrealistically taking place brazenly in plain view of the entire world. 

The contradiction of a man of such decadent values to be occupying the seat of power in the White House is surely the most obscene, and the most tragic page of the history of this great nation of ours.

This spectacle must and will end, as the light at the end of the tunnel is becoming visible as “we the people” liberate ourselves peacefully and legally from this scourge and reclaim our people’s sovereignty and our people priorities agenda which has been neglected for way far too long.

There will be a benign Tsunami of progressive, creative, humanist, rational, competent, high integrity class of the best our nation’s idealistic resources which will bring us a fabulous Congressional “super majority” which will then bring to an end the abuses of proto-fascists elite interests in which is enjoying an orgy of wrongdoing at the expense of our rightful entitlement to a universal health care system, at the expense of affordable higher education, infrastructure repair and maintenance, and that means the imperative of an end to the undue influence of the military-industrial complex in tandem with an end to any and all interventionist wars, which will be accompanied by a very significant number of our more than 800 military bases around the world.

Additionally, such pro-war undue influence lobbies as (a) AIPAC, and (b) the NRA (inter alia) will also have to be drastically curtailed or altogether shut down so that in (a)  the Israel-in-Palestine 1948 implant generated conflict is ended by a global effort focused on peace by justice with security for all coupled to a Marshall type plan of Palestinian reconstruction and healing, which thereby begins to end the said conflict, and (b) a strict gun legislation program which will be enacted on a federal level which will ban perpetually ban all automatic weapons sales in conjunction with a stick-and-carrot approach program for the surrender of all of such weapons, concomitant with the strict background checks for the possession of arms limited to exclusively be used for domestic protection, particularly in rural isolated areas.

Another area which will have to be given the highest priority is in the equalization of our unjustly stratified society via progressive taxation and other means,  and the establishment of a free and independent non-corporate press which will not only report with with the utmost integrity but will also educate its readers by being given the means to report educationally with 100% objective contextualization of historical reality background, and this must include the educational system in all grades of public secondary schools.

To end this article with a positive note about a preview of “upcoming attractions” as such quantum leap forward reforms are implemented which will make “America Safe and Inspiring Again“, the readers of the ARGENTUM POST are presented infra with a clip of a video of the indefatigable, host of Democracy Now, namely Amy Goodman, focusing on Cecile Richards as she joins others who are shooting for a 2020 election which will realize the dream we all have to return to better than normalcy but to inaugurate an America which will be all it can be move forward and be respected, admired and inspired because it relinquishes leading by the example of power so it can inspire by power of example. 




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