With Zero Proof and Zero Credibility Pompeo Brazenly Accuses Iran as Regards to the Criminal Attacks on the Tankers


June 14, 2019 by Alfred

Even though Iran has a solid record of the being a stable nation which has been a bulwark in the effort to isolate, contain, and defeat ISIS (aka Daesh), and even though Iran has a solid record of not having attacked or invaded any nation for the last 250 years, it was attacked via British-like imperial tactics of “divide to conquer”  and hence was attacked with United States support when Iraq’s Saddam Hussein was literally embraced by none other than former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, who with the support of neocons and neolibs provided Saddam Hussein weapons to attack Iran

This atrocity was followed up by an invasion of Iran which was repelled by Iran, again with the continuous support of the U.S. which had started with Ronald Reagan,

Nevertheless, the hate and fear incitement, against Iran has continued to follow relentlessly since 1979, when the Iranian people united to liberate itself from the yoke of the tyranny which was implanted by the Anglo-American intervention in Iran in 1953 when its democratically elected government was crushed by the dictatorship of the tyrannical Shah.

Since then, Iran rebuilt its infrastructure, established a government which does have democratic elections, and as a result, on August 3, 2013, the moderate President Hassan Rouhani was elected.

Fast forward almost the present, thanks to Rhouhani’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, namely the very educated, multilingual, distinguished diplomat Javad Zarif, and thanks to President Obama and is Secretary of State John Kerry, the historic P5+1 (JPOAC) Nuclear Agreement was signed which committed Iran to not refine uranium to levels above those which allows Iran to use if for peaceful and medical objectives.  Even before this solid agreement was signed, Iran’s religious culture bans the development of uranium for weaponization objectives.

What happened next was the catastrophic consequences of the assumption of power and occupation of the White House by Donald Trump and his extreme right-wing, mostly ignorant, incompetent, hegemonic, dishonest, greedy, corrupt, and belligerent cabinet members, most particularly such cold war hate mongers as John Bolton, Elliot Abrams, and Mike Pompeo

First, under the misleadership of Trump, the United States (not its people of course), has reneged on abiding by the successful nuclear agreement with Iran, and to make matters much worse, Trump has had the temerity to impose heavy sanctions on Iran for no discernible rational reason, and extended these sanctions to any other nation in the world who trades with Iran.

Trump has thus inspired other fascist, right-wing extremist, “uber” nationalist regimes to support him, and they are the regimes of the murderous Bin Salman who is now the head of the world’s most dangerous state actor of terrorism, the misleader of the Palestine occupying nationalist Apartheid regime of Benjamin Netanyahu who now faces indictments in Israel for corruption, the misleadership of the fascist President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro,  who was indicted and sentenced for conspiring to blow up a government building, and is now facing his demise as thanks to the work of Glenn Greenwald and other Brazilian investigators and activists who unearthed documented evidence of crimes by the head of Brazil’s supreme court which falsely accused candidate Lula for crimes he did not commit, and hence sentenced him to time prison where he should not be, so that Bolsonaro could come to power.

So, to cut to the chase of the objective of this article, the quartet noted above which literally functions in an organized crime fashion but has not yet been held accountable, is now focused on attacking Iran because Iran is now the most successful, rational, and stable nation in the Middle East.

This quartet is most clearly a major threat to the regional and international peace and stability, and it is very clear that all of them are looking for ways to provoke Iran to a war which would be calamitous and may bring in Russia and China.

Perish even the thought of such a perversion, but it could very well happen, either by false flag attacks by Saudi Arabia or Israel or the United Arab Emirates or even by a rogue U.S. actors’ ruse via an “Operation Northwoods” mode which actually at the time of its diabolical planning was supported by the head of the  Chaoirman of the Joints Chief of Staff, namely Lyman L. Lemnitzer and involved the fabrication by Miami mafia Cuban thugs of a terrorist attack with actual real victims, to galvanize public opinion for the massive bombing of Cuba’s people who had just recently cast themselves off the yoke of the Fulgencio Baptista right-wing dictatorial tyranny.

Of course one may as well mention the Gulf of Tonkin toxic fabrication to justify doubling down on the mass killing of the Vietnamese and of our drafted soldiers for hegemonic objectives.


Well, here comes Mike Pompeo, who has become famous for his exploitively, arsonistically, ignorantly, arrogantly, and dishonestly efforts since in he came to power as the sycophantic ditto head of a so-called “president” Trump who, on the basis of The Washington Post’s Fact Checker, Glenn Kesler,  who has now reached the number of documented lies and misleading statements to 10,000, out of nowhere uttering without any proof, a string of falsehoods about Iran which now have been culminated with his reckless and irresponsible statement that it was Iran who carried out the attacks on the Norwegian tanker (whose crew is mostly made up of Russians) and that it was Iran who carried out the attacks on the Japanese tanker, and this is to be on the same day that for the first time in history a Japanese leader is visiting Iran to explore a way for Japan to continue to import Iranian oil ?

How much longer must “we the people” be abused by the phony accusations and the dangerous threats by a decadent government which we did not even elect of the basis of pure a purely democratic exercise since that makes it an imperative that the voting system is of the highest integrity and most of all, that it be a one man/one woman direct vote which of course the 2016 election was not and future elections will not be given that on that basis Trump lost the election by almost 3 million votes.

How much longer must “we the people” put up with the scourge of an ethically, intellectually, politically bankrupt gang in governance plotting day and night by belligerent ways their quest for perverse hegemony by perpetual wars, for the perpetual benefits of the industrial-military complex and of their investors at the cost of the American family who is entitled to live in a world of peace and harmony and not at the mercy of energumenic deranged politicians in their state of putrefaction ?

It goes without saying that in all probability Pompeo’s inflammatory accusations which documentably will be proven to be false.

In this case, it becomes an imperative that individuals such as Pompeo, particularly as well John Bolton,  be held accountable, first by being forced to resign and then by being indicted, tried, and sentenced for spreading calumniating misinformation which could lead us to yet another war of the kind the neocons and neolibs started in 2003 and which to this day we, the innocent taxpayers are paying for, not to mention the countless American and foreign families who unnecessarily lost their loved ones in these outright massacres.

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