An Additional Development re: The June 14, 2019 Article Titled “With Zero Proof and Zero Credibility Pompeo Brazenly Accuses Iran as Regards to the Criminal Attacks on the Tankers”

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June 15, 2019 by Alfred

This is a succinct addendum to the said article published on June 14, 2019 which is titled With Zero Proof and Zero Credibility Pompeo Brazenly Accuses Iran as Regards to the Criminal Attacks on the Tankers

It has now come to light that on another 4 counts, the notion that Iran somehow can be blamed for the criminal attacks on the two tankers in the Strait of Oman, rests on a preposterous adulteration of reality.

The two tankers attacked were, (A) the “Front Altair” Norwegian tanker, and (B) the “Kokuta Courageous” Japanese tanker.

(1) The Norwegian tanker is owned by John Fredriksen, a Norwegian shipping magnate and a trade partner of Iran since the 1980s.  The Washington Post has published a foto of an Iranian navy boat fighting the fire on the “Front Altair” and the ship’s crew was rescued by an Iranian Navy ship.

It would be absurd to assume that Iran would unleash an attack on one of its oldest friends at a time when Trump is engaging in slapping illegal trade sanctions on Iran and its trading allies

(2)The owners of both tankers and their crews reported that they were attacked by flying missiles and not by floating mines as alleged by Pompeo and Trump.

(3) The attack on the “Kokuta Courageous”  occurred on the same day that the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was visiting Iran after the Iranian Foreign Minister, the superb Javad Zarif who worked so very hard with John Kerry to bring about the P5+1 nuclear agreement, visited Japan.

The objective of the visits was to work out plans to enable Japan to continue to buy Iranian petroleum, by circumventing the illegal trade sanctions which Trump imposed on Iran and on nations which trade with Iran, this after Trump reneged on the P5+1nuclear agreement, which he is now trying to sabotage by forcing to impose strong trade sanctions on any nation which continues to import Iranian petroleum.

Again, it would the unimaginably absurd that Iran would have a motive to attack those who dare to defy Trump and engage in business as usual with Iran.

(4) While the mainstream media again is keeping mostly silent on its coverage of background of the obvious discrepancies between what has been the official Pompeo announcement, which is bereft of credibility and proof,  and reality of these attacks which have most probably been carried out as false flag attacks by those who do not want diplomatic peace negotiations to take place between Iran and the U.S., the independent media such as Democracy Now hosted by its indefatigable Amy Goodman and co-hosted by Juan Gonzalez, further delves into the vicissitudes of these attacks and a clip of that is hereby presented infra to the readers of the ARGENTUM POST which features an interview by Amy Goodman of the eminent Indian historian and intellectual Vijay Prashad.

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