There is a Strategy of Feeble-Minded Evilness Underlying the Decades-Long Calumniation of Iran as a Perpetrator When In Reality it has been a Documented Victim of Criminal Aggression


June 16, 2019 by Alfred

This is a third succinct sequel of the ARGENTUM POST article titled “With Zero Proof and Zero Credibility Pompeo Brazenly Accuse Iran as Regards to the Criminal Attacks on the Tankers“.  The said article was published on June 16, 2019.

This third succinct sequel further educationally buttresses the previous article and further debunks the mythology based on calumniating fabrication about Iran created to, for the third time result in a destructive attack on Iran which has evolved into a stable nation which has with democratically elected leaders, even if the Clerics still command significant power in the background.

The first criminal attack on Iran by the imperialist and interventionists power structure sector of the Anglo-American alliance was in 1953 when Iran’s democratically elected government was crushed and when the tyranny of the Shah with its Savak torturing police was imposed on Iran.

The second criminal attack occurred after all Iranians, namely the moderate Shiite Moslems, Christians, Jews, and secular leftists and centrists united to cast themselves off the yoke of the Shah’s dictatorship.   This then had the neocons, neolibs, and extreme right elements of the U.S./British sectors of the said power structure again attack Iran, and this time, it was done by the U.S. embrace of Saddam Hussein in Iraq who Donald Rumsfeld embraced the Baathist Saddam Hussien and provide weapons to have Iraq attack and invade in 1982 Iran.

Well, fast forward, and history is yet again beginning to repeat itself if the feeble and evil-minded gang of the corrupt, dishonest, greedy, hegemons Trump, Pompeo, John Bolton, Netanyahu, and Bin Salman have their way.

The only difference is that if now a military intervention against Iran occurs, either deliberately, or – as most likely will be the case – by a false flag attack by either Saudi Arabia, Israel or both, then the consequences will be irreversibly catastrophic, most particularly because the European Union, Russia, and China will isolate the U.S. and beyond the danger of an economic calamity, this play with fire may spiral out of control into a military confrontation with Russia and China, both of who have vested interested in a stable, industrialized, partner in the development of prosperity yielding projects with Iran.

So, with this foreword, the following must be noted. Iran has not once in the last 250 years invaded a neighboring country, nor has been hostile to any country in the region.

Iran has not once in the last 250 years invaded a neighboring country, nor has been hostile to any country in the region

The U.S. media and educational system have been deplorably extremely derelict in their respective duties to inform and educate, the American public, about the reality of the history of Iran going back at least to 1953, and hence we have even Senators in our congress who do not know what they are talking about when referring to Iran as a result of the toxic synergy of ignorance, lack of education, and outright hubris generated malevolence as the myth that the U.S., or any other country in the world, can take on the role of being “exceptionalist” and then misuse that to divide to conquer by attacks, invasions, take over of human, natural, and political resources and institutions in the victim countries.  All of this is done under the guise of bringing “democracy” to countries which never receive it.

The point in the case, as an example of the utter ignorance of senators and of the silence of the press, is that of arrogant and ignorant Senator Tom Cotton who when interviewed by Bob Schieffer declared that “Moreover we have to stand up to Iran’s attempts to drive for regional dominance. They already control Tehran increasingly they control Damascus and Beirut and Baghdad and now Sana’a as well.”

This state of affairs is a major disgrace.   And add to that, it uses and abuses the fake fact narratives by using in the case of the blaming of Iran for the criminal attacks on the tankers in the straight of Oman, code words such as ” string of attacks ” and ” links ” and  ” proxy “, and therefore, feeble mindedly assume that they now can lie ad absurdum and at nauseum.

The point in case will be illustrated when the following is understood.

Iran has been a victim of attacks by Al Qaeda, by Al Nousra, by the MEK, and by ISIS.

Now, Iran has also been a bulwark in helping collaboratively to locate, resist, isolate, and in the most peculiar case of ISIS, of defeating it.

In the case of the MEK, it must be understood that it stands for ” Mujahideen-e Khalq “, and that it is a deranged totalitarian cult with no support inside Iran and a record of killing Americans and committing acts of terrorism.  Notwithstanding though, the MEK has received support by Cheney, Bush, Trump, John Bolton, Rudy Juliani and other far right-wing extremists in the various administrations.  This obscene fact is actually documented by none other than the  “The American Conservative“.

Why do these immoral., unethical, corrupt, unpatriotic politicians who work in an organized crime mode of operation support such a criminal organization?  Because the MEK calls itself the “The National Liberation Army of Iran“.  This is not well known and the mainstream media avoids reporting on this sordid reality.

Bottom line, the point of highlighting this reality is that it utterly debunks all of the lies, myths, and calumniations by Trump, Pompeo – who is Trump’s ditto head recycler of Trumps lies (documentably now listed by The Washington Post’s Fact Checker Glenn Kesler as having reached 10 thousand lies and misleading statements), as well as those by statements on the subject made basically by almost all of Trump’s inner circle.

So, the modus operandi which seems to have been most particularly and scandalously adopted by this administrations’ inner circle gang, and his now being applied on steroids to impugn Iran with crimes it never committed nor has any incentive to commit is to simply use the “proxy“- “string of attacks“-“links” to demonize criminally Iran to galvanized public opinion to then use this horrendous fabrications to unleash a military attack on Iran,  or in the future on Nicaragua, Cuba, Venezuela, perhaps Bolivia and on any country this gang does not like because it is not aligning with what this gang characterizes as “U.S. interests”, which in reality is totally against U.S. interests and inevitably it will lead to a catastrophic grand finale which we all may not survive and hence there will be no winners.

So whenever the Taliban, Al Qaeda, Al Nousra, MEK, ISIS or Israels’ Mossad or Saudi Arabia’s very busy secret murdering terrorism service carry out crimes, any one of the gang with the agenda to frame and blame Iran can say ” pronto “, let’s attach their most recent “string of attacks” and proclaim to the world that they were carried out by Iran’s proxy agents and “link” both to Iran, and then, bingo, we fooled the American public and now we can say to hell with proofs, with the War Powers Act, because we can say to hell with Congressional Approval since we now have an “emergency war” to initiate.  The facts will not matter just as they did not in the 2003 war in Iraq.

Prior to completing this article, it is important to note the following authorities of major American institutions who obviously know better than to buy into the perverse, despicable lies of this administration, lies which if accepted would irreversibly damage our great nation.

Michael Kugelman, the Deputy Director of the very prestigious Woodrow Wilson Center’s Asia program declared that, after Pompeo said that “Iran ‘instigated‘ Kabul attacks on troops in Afghanistan, that ” If there was clearly any belief that Iran had hit troops in Afghanistan, it would have been huge news right away “. He further added that “This administration is itching for a fight with Iran”.

There is an excellent article on this subject which was published by The Washington Post, today on June 14, 2019, and is titled ” Pompeo says Iran ‘instigated’ Kabul attack (which the) Taliban had claimed “.  On May 31, a suicide bomber targeted a U.S. convoy in eastern Kabul, killing four Afghan soldiers and slightly wounding four U.S. servicemen and at least three civilians.  But the Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack.  Pompeo however, decided to use this occurrence to claim two weeks later that this was an “example one of a series of attacks instigated by Iran “.

So again, the Taliban is NOT a proxy for Iran.  But it does not matter to Pompeo who saw in this event just another opportunity to “attach a string of attacks ” and further embellish this declaration by characterizing the Taliban falsely as a “proxy” of Iran.

James Schewemlein, a nonresident scholar at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, said that he was confused by what Pompeo declared, saying ” It does not strike me as an attack that serves an Iranian political purpose “.

The exact same can be said and was so stated in the original ARGENTUM POST article published on June 14, 2019, and referred to supra at the onset of the present article.

Alex Vatanka, a senior fellow at the Middle East Institute of Washington, declared that “Just because Iran has ‘lines of communications’ open the Taliban (now that they are willing to have peace talks) (it) does not mean that Iran has operational control “.

By all means possible, it is imperative that the move on Iran by Trump et al. be peacefully and legally frozen and given up.  This is a case for the 25h Amendment as well since the unimaginable dangers of a catastrophic war spiraling out of control is something no one in America should have to fear ever.

Alternatively, if neither impeachment nor the 25th Amendment remove this unpresidential  so-called “President” from power, “we the people” need to mobilize and organize the best disciplined, orderly,  peaceful demonstrations, strikes, and peaceful civil disobedience and demonstrate within the frame of the law.

Prior to publishing this article, the ARGENTUM POST directs its readers to an excellent analysis of the pressure this administration is outrageously using to its campaign of “maximum pressure” as it must be stopped from moves towards the war on Iran.

The analysis is by a brilliant, highly principled former CIA analyst, which this writer had the pleasure to hear and ask a probing question about the secret detonation of a nuclear device in the Southern water off the coast of South Africa as part of a  secret program of nuclear energy weaponization dissemination by Israel to the during the era of the odious Apartheid white supremacist regime in the mid ’80s.

The author’s name is Paul Pillar and it is published on the LobeLog website under the title “The Maximum Pressure Campaign Toward War





One thought on “There is a Strategy of Feeble-Minded Evilness Underlying the Decades-Long Calumniation of Iran as a Perpetrator When In Reality it has been a Documented Victim of Criminal Aggression

  1. Marie Spike says:

    Hi, This time there was an option for me to log out of WordPress, so I hope my comment posts.

    Re. Iran, it’s all a pack of lies – along with all the other lies the Deep State uses to sell all the past wars of aggression and all the future ones. Even if there were “weapons of mass destruction” in the case of Iraq, it still would have been illegal to invade them. Israel actually has illegal nuclear weapons of mass destruction, so why don’t we invade them? Wars of aggression are a criminal offense and a racket. I believe we have to start prosecuting all those who instigate and start wars.

    Posts and articles like this one serve as evidence of the crimes that have been and are being committed. Many thanks for providing the evidence, as well as document of truth and fact.

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