[APFND Nr. 111] A 5G Technology Alert : Switzerland Has Blocked the Erection of 5G Antennas and Has Issued the First Report of 5G Injury


November 19, 2019 by Alfred

This is an ARGENTUM POST News Flash Digest [ APNFD Nr.111]

5G is the next generation of wireless technology which uses various types of (RF) microwave radiation to transmit large amounts of data and it needs to do so over short distances, requiring closer proximity, only 30 feet from our front doors,  to users in an environment of dense deployment of antennas.

It must be noted that the WHO (World Health Organization) has classified wireless radiation as Group 2B “possible human carcinogen” and is considering increasing that classification to a higher level,  and the National Institute of Health has corroborated this finding. 

As of November 4th, 2019 261 Scientists, and Medical Doctors, and thousands of the general public have signed the appeal to have a moratorium on  5G on Earth and in Space. (They are  planning on placing 20,000 satellites into space to beam 5G frequency  onto the earth).

Over 200 scientists and doctors issued a declaration calling for a moratorium on the increase of 5G antennas citing human health effects and impacts of wildlife.

Several countries are banning this technology in schools, and several U.S. cities and states have decided to wait for more thorough research prior to allowing the said 5G technology to be installed.

Switzerland, a country that has always been on the forefront in embracing high tech, has blocked the erection of 5G antennas and the first report of 5G injury in Switzerland has been reported.

The following announcement is of relevance to the Maryland suburban communities by Rick Mayer on behalf of :

Montgomery County Coalition for the Control of Cell Towers



“Tomorrow night will be the only scheduled public hearing on ZTA 19-07.

So it is VERY IMPORTANT that we all be there tomorrow night to show the Council that residents are solidly opposed to this latest bill.

At 7:30PM Tuesday, November 19, 2019, at the Montgomery Council Office Building, 3rd Floor at 100 Maryland Avenue in Rockville, MD 20850 a Hearing will be held on the subject of the potentially deleterious effects to human health from the 5G towers.

Free parking is available after 6:00pm in the Council Garage – entrance on East Jefferson St., near the intersection with Monroe St.

ZTA 19-07 does NOT protect residents!

We need to fill the hearing room, so please plan to attend!  (You do not need to testify, but we do need you to be there.)

It is critical that the four brand new members of the Council (AlbornozFriedsonGlass, and Jawando) hear from residents and see our strong disapproval of ZTA 19-07.  Those four new Councilmembers were not  part of prior wireless ZTA reviews

ZTA 19-07 must be stopped! 

Residents have been pleading with the Montgomery County Council for 3 years to write and pass comprehensive legislation that truly protects neighborhoods from obtrusive and ugly wireless contraptions in close proximity to homes,  and to fix the administrative deficiencies of all current wireless telecommunications and related ordinances to provide equity, transparency, and fairness for residents.

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night.”

Please follow @MC4TORG on twitter.


One thought on “[APFND Nr. 111] A 5G Technology Alert : Switzerland Has Blocked the Erection of 5G Antennas and Has Issued the First Report of 5G Injury

  1. Marie Spike says:

    For sure! Thanks for your activism and report.

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