[APNFD Nr. 119] At Long Last in Sight: The End of the Perfidious Rule the Most Dangerous Misleader and Fear and Hate-Monger Against Iran, Benjamin Netanyahu

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March 23, 2020 by Alfred

This is an ARGENTUM POST News Flash Digest [ APNFD Nr.119]

Since its inception, the ARGENTUM POST educated, informed, and warned its reader about the danger the most dishonest, mendacious, brutal, misleader of Israel constitutes,  namely it now indicted PM Benjamin Netanyahu has constituted for years against the quest for stability, justice, and peace in Israel occupied Palestine, and for all Jews in Palestine/Israel.

Netanyahu additionally presented a threat to not only the regional Mid-East but to global stability and peace as he in a literally demented state of mind obsessively, compulsively, and hysterically struggled to get the U.S. involved in a war on Iran,  one of the most stable, most stalwart supporters in the quest for the containment, defusion, and defeat of the so-called “Islamic State” (which in reality is neither “Islamic” nor a “State” but a large movement of brutal criminals who violate all of the teachings of the Koran).

Netanyahu with Trump’s support has doubled down on his hell-bent determination on the basis of utterly and perversely concocted fabrications for the sake of total hegemony by Israel over the whole Middle East, on provoking Iran and Palestine and even using the MEK in an attempt to create false flag attacks on Israel and others when in reality the MEK is a band of anti-Iran terrorists which have been supported by the Cheney/Bush neocons and who have carried out assassinations of Iranian scientists who were working on the use of nuclear energy for peaceful medical and energy generation objectives.

It is no wonder that Netanyahu (and his wife) have been indicted on November 21, 2019, by Israeli Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit officially of fraud, breach of trust, and receipt of bribes.  The International Criminal Court is most likely to indict Netanyahu for crimes against the humanity of the Palestinian people, including massacres in Gaza.

Netanyahu in conjunction with Trump and Mike Pompeo was engaged in falsehoods fabrications campaigns relentlessly.   The latest most idiotically mendacious accusation is that the Corona scourge is the fault of Iran, Russia, and China.   It is by itself a criminal accusation as it incites violence on innocent men, women, children, journalists, and medics.

If he had succeeded in these horrific maneuvers to destabilize the whole region with the support of our own misleader Trump, the probability of a third world war would reach potentially catastrophic consequences from which it would take a generation to recover.

With this foreword, the ARGENTUM POST presents to his readers an analysis of this state of affairs by presented by Israel’s most prestigious and high integrity newspaper, Haaretz, via one of its top journalists, namely Chemi Shalev.

So, see infra his excellent, incisive article titled Analysis//Netanyahu’s Extortion-by- Coronavirus Is By Far HIs Most Shameful and Least Forgivable Offense




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