[APNFD Nr. 120] Two “Democracy Now” Interviews Which the MSM Does Not Cover and Our Unpresidential President (et al) Does Not Want the American People to Hear About


March 24, 2020 by Alfred

This is another breaking news ARGENTUM POST News Flash Digest [APNFD Nr. 120]

The following interviews are by the legendary, precious, indefatigable, brilliant host of the DEMOCRACY NOW program, namely Amy Goodman and her illustrious, incisive, dedicated co-host, Juan Gonzales.

The guests are  (A) the world-famous economist Jeffrey Sachs, who is also a teacher at Columbia University who wrote (inter alia) ” A New Foreign Policy ” and who is the Director of Sustainable Development, and ( B) Peter Kornbluh who is the Director of the National Security Archive’s Chile Documentation Project, as well as of the Cuba Documentation Project.

Both men are highly recognized nationally and internationally experts in their fields, and also therefore highly principled, of the highest integrity,  and of tremendous professional and humanistic dedication to the pursuit of peace, social and economic justice, honesty all in pursuit of making America all it can and must be and must become by genuinely representative, participative democracy from the bottom up.

Jeffrey Sachs tells it like it is condemning the criminal use of bailout funds desperately now needed to combat the scourge of Covid 19.  He does not mince words and characterizes correctly our present federal misadministration as one led by a vulgar, ingnoramus-in-chief who is incompetent and psychopathic.

This writer would add that to that this present administration is guilty of financial terrorism in the form of sanctions applied to Iran, Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela by falsely accusing their governments of sponsoring terrorism, and this administration is also guilty of being peace treaty saboteurs when it comes to its obligations vis-a-vis the Iran nuclear agreement,  and as regards to the INF peace contributing nuclear missile treaty.

This writer also would add that by cavorting with the murderous terrorist most violent assassin dictator of the Middle East, namely the regime of Bin Salman of Saudi Arabia, and by supporting the most corrupt, violent, now indicted PM Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel,  who is an accomplice and is guilty of massacres and other crimes against the humanity of the Palestinian people which his and the previous Zionist regimes mislead Israel into occupying in violation of international law.

Of course, Trump’s assassination of the General Soleimani, who contrary to the lies of his administration, was not “targeting” Americans, but was a highly respected military strategist, and a diplomat, a species which, BTW, does not exist today in our State Department under our present proto-fascist regime, and whose misleader, Mike Pompeo, idiotically and startingly dishonestly has just had the temerity to characterize the Covid 19 disaster as being the “blame or China, Iran, and Russia” (?!).

Peter Kornbluh is (inter alia) a terrifically knowledgeable Latin America expert who has written extremely valuable books like “The Pinochet File”, “Back Channel to Cuba”, and more.

In this interview, Peter Kornbluh focuses on the major contribution Cuba has made worldwide in the field of public health with thousands of its doctors being invited to the most remote areas of the world where most doctors would not go.   Specifically in this interview, the focus is on the presence of some 60 Cuban physicians and many Cuba trained Venezuelan physicians, in Itay which asked for their help in combating Europe’s hardest-hit virus contamination.

Ironically, during the present campaign, the DNC, the corporate media, and the Republicans calumniated callously Bernie Sanders by falsely criticizing his very logical and honest admiration for post-U.S. supported Fulgencio Baptista dictator of Cuba, and now Trump doubles down on perversely destroying the constructive engagement policy of President Obama, by punishing Cuba and its people for its revolutionary liberation of that racist, classist regime.

So, with this foreword, the ARGENTUM POST presents its readers with the two interviews of these most brilliant, honorable, and noble intellectuals.

What America needs now more than ever before, to solve the present health and economic crisis and tragedy, is an immediate initiation of the socialization and therefore the simultaneous humanization of our economy, our politics, our philosophy, and our culture so that we may not “lead” by the example of power, but more powerfully in a positive sense, we may “inspire” by the power of example,  and thereby engage with friends and would-be foes alike because the era of pseudo-resolutions by wars, imperial interventionist regime changes, industrial-military complexes, big pharma complexes, and toxic lobbies such as that of the NRA, and of the toxic propaganda AIPAC which has been all along a FARA (Foreign Agent Registration Act) violating lobby, become a part of a shameful, egregious history.

For this to happen immediately we must do all we can to reactivate Bernie Sanders’s campaign since Joe Biden is an utterly inappropriate candidate for the Presidency given his hidden as well as in plain sight history of dishonesty, corruption in Ukraine where he meddled along with and in support of Victoria Nuland the NeoNazis after the overthrow of the Yanukovich regime to drive a wedge between Russia and the EU,  his racist opposition desegregation by his opposition to school busing, his support for the war on the basis of lies on Iraq and much more…

So, see infra, the said fascinating interviews.

Economist Jeffrey Sachs: Trump “Understands Nothing, Listens to Nothing” as Pandemic Surges in the U.S.”

Humanitarian Solidarity”: Even Under U.S. Sanctions Cuba Sends Doctor Brigade to Italy and More

4 thoughts on “[APNFD Nr. 120] Two “Democracy Now” Interviews Which the MSM Does Not Cover and Our Unpresidential President (et al) Does Not Want the American People to Hear About

  1. Hello Alfred,

    How have you been.. Man, who’d have believed that humanity could end up in what seems a blink of an eye in this dreadful situation? Sorry to say, but intuition says China, Iran and Italy’s people were attacked by U.S./Israel/Western war criminals with biological weapons. It is nearly impossible to imagine how people could be so cruel and inhumane as to inflict harm upon so many innocent others, but perhaps we are witnessing confirmation of the well known biblical passage: “For the love of money is the root of all evil.”

    Best regards. Peace.

    • Alfred says:

      Many thanks for your comment, Jerry.
      Your gift of the interview is a “gift which keeps on giving”.

      Yes, it is difficult for me to imagine that any country, or people of any country, would do this to another country or its people.

      Best wishes to you. be safe and stay well and by all means, if your paths take you through the Washington, DC area, you will be most welcome at our home and to stay at our home which has a garden apartment with private bath and kitchen in the lower level, and which is 10 walking minutes from the Silver Spring Metro station, which in turn is 20 minutes to downtown DC. Cheers !

  2. michelle tobias says:

    Thanks for sending these Alfred!  Very interesting and super depressing validation to the ineptitude of DT and his cronies                         Cuba`s amazing with the medical international help they`ve done over and over again in different ways          love, Michelle

  3. Marie Spike says:

    Such important news! Thank you and kudos for “Argentum Post,” which helps keep us inspired and informed of the facts and truth in this treacherous sea of lies and propaganda.

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