In the Midst of Covit-19 Trump/Pompeo et al. Have the Temerity to Provoke Wars

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April 5, 2020 by Alfred

The Trump/Pence/Pompeo junta is made up of dishonest, slanderous, mendacious, incompetent, ignorant, arrogant, perverse criminal misfits.

Trump’s financial terrorism against Cuba, Nicaragua, Iran, Venezuela, coupled to his support of the indicted right-wing extremist, namely PM Netanyahu, who should also be held accountable by the ICC for his literal massacres in Palestine, along with Trump’s strong support for the murderous Bin Salman, and of his bombings in Syria and his assassination of the General Soleimani who never “targeted” Americans, and who is, besides a military strategist, also a diplomat who came to where he was assassinated to negotiate a real peace agreement, and further coupled now to his utter horrific failure in tackling the Covid-19 crisis, ALL render him, and his gang of organized crime thugs of egotistic deranged saboteurs of any progressive, peace and justice efforts to help stabilize the dangerous status quo in the Middle East, a major threat to our national security.

We-the-people” of this great nation never before had such a catastrophic synergy of crisis as we have now, and do not deserve this situation which came into being by a perfect storm of participative democracy obstructing conditions and developments since the Reagan “trickle-down” idiotic deregulation of hyper-capitalism which gave rise to an absolutely intolerable destructive machine against civilized humanity which must be removed from power, by any means possible within the metes and bounds of legality.

To add insult to injury, right in the middle of the scourge of COVID, Trump and Pence started military exercises to simulate the nuclear bombing of Russia, is threateningly generating provocatively the PRC, and Venezuela, and Iran by falsely invoking bizarre falsehoods, all meant to distract, destabilize, distract the globe while his acolyte henchmen pursue their dystopian hegemonic objective of world domination ignoring national and international law, ignoring the sovereignty of any nation not aligning with this wicked power structure’s objectives, all along invoking – along with the Zionist Israeli power structure – the derangedly the notion that there exists such a concept as an “exceptionalism” which somehow grants them immunity and lack of accountability for any of the horrific crimes against the humanity of the other nations of the world.


This destructive path is now being taken by this organized-crime cartel acceleratedly in the direction as Nazi Germany embarked and hence by all means possible, this being 2020 and not 1939, if not stopped immediately will lead us into a nuclear war which will destroy humanity, flora, and fauna.

What the world needs now besides “peace-sweet-peace” is common sense, rationality, bottom-up evolutionary reformism, which must humanize and hence socialize it and most of all a total extinction of the “military-industrial complex” which President Eisenhower warned us about in his farewell speech, in which he also urged America not to get involved in “foreign entanglements” which now our greedy imperialist murderous never-ending foreign interventionist stance is at the expense of our people’s health, education, social security, which denies us our Constitutional right to the “pursuit of happiness” which can only be genuine and constructive in a society where harmony by equality and justice are an imperative.

With this foreword, the ARGENTUM POST presents its reader with a video clip narrated by the vibrant, brilliant, illustrious, American journalist who has launched investigative documentary and interview series.

In the following video, she demonstrates her uncanny ability to pack a tremendous amount of documented historical facts which speak volumes about a sad history of wrongdoing which our misleaders had us involved and it is as well an exposé of a reality which the corrupted politicians in both parties along with a shamelessly compliant corporate media, in its despicable dereliction of duty to inform and inform objectively, has increasingly totally failed and hence has added thereby to the fuel of a fire caused by a lack of awareness by the American public.

The title of the narrative of this video is: “US Empire Exploits COVID-19 For More War

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