COVID-19 Plus Criminal Wars Expose the Bankruptcy of Hyper Capitalism and Call for Paradigm Shift in Hyper-Capitalism Immediately


April 14, 2020 by Alfred

We the People ”  need to step up and start an urgently needed reformist, evolutionary, progressive movement from the bottom up.

The obscene perversity of the present power structure’s rush to business as usual at the expense of our badly needed and human rights-based universal health care program, as well as this power structure’s demonic provocations of never-ending interventionist wars on stable nations while supporting the racist, apartheid regime such as the present Zionist misled occupation of Palestine by Israel and the murderous terrorist-sponsoring regime of Saudi Arabia where on average every other day a person is executed for such “crimes” as dissidence and pro-democracy activism, must come to an end NOW !

Additionally, every nation on earth needs to start from the bottom up a disciplined movement to call for the total dismantlement of all nuclear weapons globally, starting by targeting the nations which are now in violation of the NPT agreement whose clause number VI has been ignored by the U.S. Russia, China, Britain, France as well as Israel, India, North Korea, and Pakistan.

The incompetent, dishonest, greedy, self-centered, authoritarian, sociopaths who mislead powerful nations need to be removed from power along with their acolytes, by all means possible within the bounds and metes of legality.

Among the most egregious among them are Mohammad Bin Salman and his acolytes of Saudi Arabia, Narendra Modi of India, Rodrigo Dutterte of the Philippines, Donald Trump and his acolytes of the U.S., the indicted Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, Jair Bonsonaro of Brazil, and a few lesser-known more.

The socio-economic system needs to be partially dismantled to allow for modern democratic socialist measures to be taken to restore such vital aspects of the U.S. government as the Glass-Segal act which will ban commercial banks from playing wasting away U.S. workers’ hard-earned funds by using them for casino-like investments.

Furthermore, all states in the U.S. need to abolish the undemocratic Electoral College which allowed such misfits as George W. Bush and Donald Trump to be not elected but selected.

Just like in a genuine democracy there is no such thing as an indirect election, in a genuine world there is not such a thing as an “exceptionalist”  nation such as the U.S. and Israel like to think about themselves as such.

This article could be expanded to the point that its readers could very well lose interest in it.

So, with this reality in mind, and to buttress the highlights of this succinct foreword article, the ARGENTUM POST presents infra a 30 minutes video which consists of an interview of the legendary Tariq Ali by Afshin Rattansi who is the host of the excellent program titled  “Going Underground” which takes place in the London studio or RT.




2 thoughts on “COVID-19 Plus Criminal Wars Expose the Bankruptcy of Hyper Capitalism and Call for Paradigm Shift in Hyper-Capitalism Immediately

  1. Miguelin says:

    Imagine. Joe Biden gets to lead the charge against Fascism in November?
    Wow, this prospect should scare anyone with more than a pea for a brain. No matter what, Trump must be stopped.
    I am using my stimulus check for example: to employ some Mexicans who pay taxes, work here in the US, but won’t receive a penny of those $1200. checks, nor unemployment.

    So, why not? Help someone who will spend every penny (putting food on the table) and the balance…approx $200: Ha! Give it to the DCCC. Fuck Trump, he needs to go!
    But, thanks Donny, I am using my stimulus check in ways that just piss you off!

  2. Marie Spike says:

    All sadly true. Thanks for the video of Tariq Ali interview; I had never heard of him. Very inspirational!

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