Hidden In Plain Sight is the Documented Link Between Trump’s Power Structure and Racist Supremacist NeoNazis


May 8, 2020 by Alfred

There is nothing hyperbolic about the fact that Trump’s power structure works with racist white supremacists NeoNazi hate groups.

As just an example of this fact is Trump’s White House Senior Adviser Stephen Miller who is now characterized by the very prestigious Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) as such a white supremacist NeoNazi element.

In the Spring 2020 edition of its newsletter, the SPLC has this characterization to be totally well-grounded, and the AP readers can find it in the SPLC Report of Spring 2020, Volume 50, Number 1 under its article titled ” SPLC Exposes Key Trump Aide’s Racist Emails” which not surprisingly Google apparently still has not scanned and published.  Nevertheless among other similar articles on this scandalous travesty is one titled “Stephen Miller: The Breitbart Emails” which are relevant and revealing within the context of the corroboration of this reality.

As stated in the above-captioned SPLC article not yet scanned by Google,
Lawmakers in the U.S. Senate and House introduced resolutions calling for the resignation of White House Senior Adviser Stephen Miller following the SPLC’s explosive reports of hundreds of emails showing his affinity for white nationalist ideology and animus toward people of color“.

When after the Charlottesville brutal attacks on peaceful protestors by armed NeoNazis, one of which killed a young woman with his car took place,  Trump had the temerity to utter the incredible words that “…there were very fine people on both sides…” this moronic and incompetent misleader expressed an inoperable oxymoronic statement since there is no such thing as a “very fine NeoNazi“.

What is tragicomically almost, if this were not so serious, is that Stephen Miller is Jewish and supports NeoNazis and white supremacy, and yet this is not unusual at all but seems so to the vast majority of the American public which has been egregiously misled by the corrupted corporate mainstream media and by neocons and neolibs who cooperate with the right-wing extremist Zionists globally and in Palestine occupied Israel as regards to the reality of the history of Zionism and how, inter alia, it has wrought damage on decent, Torah law-abiding, universalist, humanist Jews which far outnumber such racist and hegemonist Zionists.

It suffices to read one book written by a courageous, principled, refined, Jewish Israeli intellectual activist and scholar who had to leave Israel due to threats to his life and lives presently in London where he is a university professor.  His name is Ilan Pappe and the title of his book is “The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine”.

As proof of this reality, AP readers can go to the independent and progressive “The Times of Israel” or the prestigious “Haaretz” newspaper which debunks the myths of the pernicious and sinister Zionist ideology which is also embraced by extremist evangelist such as the late Jerry Falwell , and even by secular criminals of all kind.

The Times of Israel has to its credit pointed out correctly that 25 Jewish House Democrats call on Trump to fire Stephen Miller.  They would of course then call for Trump to fire himself if that were feasible, although “we-the-people” have a right to carry out a referendum and then armed with the concept of strength through unity, on a bipartisan and as well as non-partisan affiliation can organize a series of disciplined demonstration nationwide to demand his and his cabinet’s resignation.  In fact, this is the object of the AP article which is a follow up of this one.

Incidentally, the prestigious American Council for Judaism has in its Special Interest Report of March 2020 declared AIPAC a “Hate Group”. This Zionist propaganda lobby which doles out campaign donations to neocons and neolibs while it is has been in violation of the Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA) and is in effect a factory of falsehoods of historical reality, and to add insult to injury it is a major contributor to the criminal interventionists policies by the bipartisan right-wing cabal of hegemony by belligerence in coordination with the military-industrial complex which targets innocent nations with military interventions if they dare to elect progressive leaders.

To cut to the chase of one of the objectives of this article, the following is brought to the attention of the ARGENTUM POST readers, to be in line with its objective to go where the corporate media refuses to go, and to speak truth to power.

This article is for the readers to judge themselves.  The AP neither endorses it nor does it disavows itself from it, but it deems the article a very informative and constructively educational one.

The title of the said article is ” Trump’s Nazification of the GOP is Why There is Serious Discussion of Killing Off the Unfit” and it was published by the valuable and prestigious Daily Kos website (dailykos.com).

This indispensable and educational website is described by Wikipedia as follows:

Daily Kos is a group blog and internet forum focused on center-left politics, the Democratic Party and center-left liberal American politics. The site features a participatory political encyclopedia, glossaries, and other content. It is sometimes considered an example of “netroots” activism.

Here, therefore, is the link to the said article.

6 thoughts on “Hidden In Plain Sight is the Documented Link Between Trump’s Power Structure and Racist Supremacist NeoNazis

  1. Marie Spike says:

    Thanks again, Alfred, for writing about the rise of neo-nazism in the U.S. The world is rising up against it in their protests against the nazi-like murder of George Floyd and all of the oppressed he represents. Now the world needs to rise up against the neo-nazi Zionist regime in Israel! I fervently hope that those who are in the streets protesting will channel that energy into running for offices in local, state and national government. A peaceful and effective revolution!

    • Alfred says:

      Thanks for this excellent comment, Marie.

      • Mike C says:

        I personally witnessed neo-nazi thugs attempt to co-opt the George Floyd protests. But we outnumbered these bums. Attomwaffen is here in Colorado, as is Identity Evropa. Both are right wing trash who support Trump’s agenda, whilst being anti-government racists.

      • Alfred says:

        Excellent comment, Mike ! Thanks

  2. Michael Corey says:

    I am very pleased to see that the mainstream media is beginning to delve deeper into the clearly racist worldview of Trump and his minions. It is shocking to say the least. The “Greatest Generation” fought against these bums. If we dare to even think of preserving liberty here in America, then all should check it out. Alfredo is correct: Nazis hiding in plain sight.

    When Trumpets call for “Culling the Herd” and let “The strong work and the weak die off” they are quoting Nietzsche and Adolph! Untermenschen be aware!

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