[APNFD Nr.121] Accidental Exposure of Saudi Government Official Suspected of Helping 9/11 Hijackers


May 17, 2020 by Alfred

This is an ARGENTUM POST News Flash Digest [APNFD Nr.121]

According to ProPublica and other independent alternate media sources, particularly Yahoo News which first reported on this stunning but not surprising exposure, Trump’s  “U.S. Attorney General William Barr has twice argued in federal court statements that the Saudi diplomat’s name and other information from the FBI investigation of the plot constitute “state secrets” that would imperil the nation’s security if they became public. The FBI, the CIA and the Director of National Intelligence submitted a flurry of declarations endorsing that claim last month, at the Justice Department’s behest.”

It is well known, that Saudi Arabia is the world’s most egregious dictatorship which on average executes a one person every other day per year on specious claims which in reality are dissidents such as the highly respected and professional journalist Jamal Kashoggi who had to leave Saudi Arabia and who was employed The Washington Post until he was trapped in the Saudi embassy in Turkey whereto he had gone to obtain documents for his upcoming marriage of the woman he loved, and was barbarically tortured, and assassinated by Saudi Arabia government criminals.

Iti is also well known, that the cozy relationship of the Cheney/Bush junta with the Saudi thugs made it incredibly possible for members of the  Bin Laden family to be whisked. out of the U.S. on private jets, as Vanity Fair, inter alia, has reported.

It is also well known that the Bush administration and now the Trump administration has protected this organized crime cartel as, for example during the Cheney/Bush regime, right after the catastrophic 9/11 attacks Cheney most particularly used the occasion to scapegoat Iraq for this barbaric atrocity, just like now Trump is scapegoating Iran on utterly specious grounds for the crimes of the Saudi regime which is the world’s most dangerous generator of terrorism.

To add insult to injury the U.S. under these two regimes, as well as the U.K. under the regimes of Blair and now Trump, are busy scapegoating Iran as they both are selling arms to Saudi Arabia and thereby are supporting the calamitous war of Saudi Arabia on the impoverished, cholera infested, poorest country in the Middle East, namely Yemen, which has been bombed for the last 4 years ruthlessly to the point that that has brought 14 million people to the brink of starvation and has killed some 10 thousand mostly innocent unarmed people and has caused a cholera epidemic for some 10 thousand people, while the bombing has destroyed hospitals and even schools.

The supra statistic is provided by the progressive Catholic Relief Services

To add even more insult to injury, Trump has had the obscene audacity to offer Saudi Arabia nuclear technology

Aiding a toxic power structure that has collaborated with the 9/11  perpetrators should have been and is immediately a valid reason for the impeachment of Trump’s proto-fascist regime.

If this is not a proof of complicity of crimes against humanity which calls for accountability by the UN and by the International Criminal Court and the removal from power of those who have proven guilty, then we have a global crisis of civilizational collapse dimensions as a result of the utter lack of ethics, morality, and respect for human rights, sovereignty, and national and international laws.

With this brief foreword, the ARGENTUM POST directs its readers to the ProPublica article on this critical moment of the history of criminal activity bereft of any kind of punishment.

One thought on “[APNFD Nr.121] Accidental Exposure of Saudi Government Official Suspected of Helping 9/11 Hijackers

  1. Marie Spike says:

    Love your analysis of their scapegoating strategy. Sheer evil!

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