[APNFD Nr.122] “The Fake President” by Ralph Nader and Mark Green Exposes Further his Un-Imaginable Perfidiousness

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June 9, 2020 by Alfred

This is an ARGENTUM POST News Flash Digest [ APNFD Nr. 122 ]

This forward to the dissemination of the supra captioned book title “The Fake President” comes at a critical moment in history which may well become-hopefully-a harbinger of a paradigm shift for the U.S. and the rest of the world, as the synergy of the COVID-19 calamity coincides with the political calamity which is destructive and spiralling out of control and begging a sobering intervention which may be brought about by that proverbial Phoenix rising for the ashes of an uprising set of protests which are in reality a clamor which says BASTA of this corruption, racism, inequality, constitutional violations, murderous violence by our misleaders, and more.

The time as these events unravel is one which is causing death by lack of preparedness by a lack of a universal health care system for all, death by poverty in the richest nation of the earth undergoing an obscene economic inequalization by racism and social class stratification, by a lack of an affordable higher education system, by never-ending wars for benefit of the industrial-military complex, hegemonic, mindless spending of trillions, for now, while the pet project for Pence et al. militarization of space for future possibly nuclear wars insanity, all of it while bashing eco-socialists as if they were monsters instead of heroic saviors of mother-earth, is also a time fraught with enormous opportunities for all.

The reason for this optimistic note is that something of huge importance manifested itself as a result of the assassination of a man who was accused, probably falsely, of trying to pay something with a forged $20.00 dollar note ?!

“We the People” rose the occasion in ways which hopefully are irreversible and in ways which will restore our latent humanistic quest to end the dehumanization by hyper capitalism, hyper consumerism, hyper ingestion of sugary junk foods, and by the inception of a new order of accountability with respect for rights and obligations from “each according to their abilities to each according to their needs“.

Humanism is an essential and vital component that must become taught early in life to all children. It can be the secular brand of humanism or the religious brand of humanism since in values they are equivalent as long as the common denominator remains first and foremost humanism.

The end of all wars and the end of the violations of Article VI of the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty which calls for all nation to dismantle their nuclear weapons MUST START NOW !

Just like the City Council of Minneapolis has to its total credit voted by a supermajority to disband the present police force and to create a reformed security implementation system without a militarized police presence, the same must be done by a reformed federal government which must end the funding of the Defense Department which has become more of an Offense Department with almost One Thousand military installations worldwide so that the trillions or quadrillions of dollars spent in this madness can and must be used to buttress a new humanist era’s objectives.

Every day, every hour, that we tolerate the chaos in the White House, the lack of experienced diplomatic professionalism in the Mike Pompeo disgraced Department of State must be State must and can be reformed.

A second impeachment of Trump based on reality constitutional violations, can accelerate our move to a new era of unity, cooperation, peaceful conflict resolution and equality based peace.

Waiting for the November election is not only a waste of time, but it is a very dangerously long wait when one observes the now endless provocations of war on Iran by Zionist power structure of Israel, the threats of all kinds to the PRC, and the barbaric suggestion by Trump of the possibility of forcing the PRC to spend itself into oblivion, and of the U.S. being able to wage war on Russia and the PRC.

Even if this garbage talk is hollow, the tensions Trump and his cohorts have initiated could easily start a war by an error which would rapidly escalate into a major cataclysmic one.

Furthermore, the DNC’s sabotage twice of the only candidate who had a vision and has a movement to make American all it can and should be since the resources exist but are misappropriated, due to its myopia, corruption, and neoliberal lack of values must not get away with nominating Joe Biden to defeat Trump.   Biden’s past history of racism, support for the phony war on Iraq, inability and/or unwillingness to present a vision and his outright opposition for a universal health care system, his dishonesty, coupled to his problem with the articulation of entire phrases, constitute serious flaws which should disqualify him. One may add as well to this list of disqualifications,  Biden’s support of the Neonazis during the Maidan uprising in Ukraine where he went along with Victoria Nuland to drive a wedge between Yanukovitch and Putin.

Besides the urgent need to eliminate the Electoral College, is the inception of an IRV (Instant Run Off Voting) system which would allow a 3rd party to be created and that would give workers the opportunity to vote for the said 3rd party without being called “spoilers” since at the same time the said 3rd party voter would be free to designate the “lesser of the evils of the two other parties” by designating one of these lesser evils if the said third party candidate did not win a majority of the votes.

Finally, at this moment, one of the most competent, illustrious, historian, professor of Boston University, and founder of the Quincy Institute, namely, Andrew J. Bacevich would be one of the most needed types of persona for the challenges of the presidency at this time.

Now to the objective of this APNFD Nr. 122 article.

A new book has just been launched which needs to be massively disseminated.

One of the several missions/objectives of this ARGENTUM POST is to go where the corporate mainstream media does not go deliberately because it is not free to go without incurring in financial, and/or political consequences, and this thusly becomes a dereliction of its duty to inform/educate honestly and comprehensively the American people on vital realities, something which becomes, in reality, a form of exacerbating the already damaging cultural programmation by the powers that be which are now most particularly corroding and warping reality, something which started during the Ronald Reagan era and has resulted in a quantum leap of disinformation generation about the foundational elements of our democracy which is now one characterized by a hyper-capitalism run amok which has morphed into an absurdly deregulated plutocracy which has stratified our society horrifically, by resulting in an veritable abandonment of our misgovernance imperative to provide ethically, and legally the social, medical, economic needs of the working class and of the impoverished class in America.

This book launching comes at a historic moment when the synergy of the juxtaposition of the perfidious status quo when “fake news” becomes a new norm, international treaties to prevent wars are radically and perversely abrogated, the dominant elite is getting literally away with murder, and is not paying its tax obligations and thereby this is resulting in such stratification of our society that it the inequality that ensues is generating protests which then are violently dealt with too many times by racist militarized police criminal reactions to often non-violent protesters, which generate chaos and destabilizations that the middle class as well as the impoverished class are pushed into such a critical mass level, that we risk getting to such a high level of entropy that a major explosion will take place which may cause even more damage than we have already experienced due to the COVID-19 calamity coupled to the to Trump’s unpresidential ineptness and destructiveness calamity which should never have allowed for such an individual who who lost the  2016 election by the genuine direct “democratic” votes standards, as he was more than 3 million votes short, to come anywhere near the White House, thanks to the that scourge of the slavery era indirect vote by what is euphemistically referred to as the “Electoral College” which is under the influence of shenanigans which has our voting system so baldly flawed that we cannot claim that we have a genuine one vote, one man/woman  “representative democracy” system.

To boot, we now have an utterly corrupt, dishonest, two-party system where one is made up of a predatory class of hegemons and sociopathically rubber stampers for anything its misleadership imposes, and that has been so for decades, and the other has also become such a misleaderhip with more attenuated by “make up” friendly façade.

Bottom line, both, the neocons and the neolibs have ceased to serve others than the top 10% , Wall Sreet, and the bizarre supremacy of corporations which both empowered to have very bizarrely the same freedom of speech as the “we-the-people” are constitutionally are entitled to, and additionally they have given the recklessly these greedy robber barrons the means to steal our tax resources and to have the misused by giving the said corporations political powers to which they are not constitutionally entitled, since  “the business of business”, period.

This state of affairs is occurring while at the same these funds are then used to hire lobbysts which engage in legalized bribery with our precious tax funds, and obscenely waste them to satisfy investors of such toxic lobbyist as the industrial-military complex or as  AIPAC, both of which being hopelessly focused on interventionist hegemonic adventurism which now brings the U.S. closer and closer to a major war which could become nuclear,  by its mislearship’s adoption of threats of wars and of the practice of sanctions terrorism on innocent nations, such as Yemen, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, or of targeted assassinations, bombings of innocent nations either because they do not choose to align with our imperative demands or because, as in the case of the People’s Republic of China where they have become fabulously successful by having being able to adapt their political socialism in modernized mode with its coexistence its successful coexistence by the adoption of market oriented (but no controlled) policies.

There is now a veritable cabal of organized crime accepting misleaders and advisers not only in the U.S. but also those allied with the U.S. abroad such as that of the murderously thuggish Benjamin Netanyahu who is now indicted and in the process of being tried for domestic crimes, but also has – with our tax funds of $10 million dollars per day – carried out genocidal attacks on the largest concentration camp in the history of the world, namely in 2014 in Gaza, where 2.2 million illegally Palestinians are locked in and tortured when they are not bombed.

The other member of this cabal is the worlds’ most decrepit Bin Salman dictator of Saudi Arabia (where on average every other day one person is executed for “disobedience” and that is done with the U.S. and Britain and Israel shameless support and then we can go on to Brazil’s formerly convicted criminal misleader Bolsonaro who owes his “implantation” to to the presidency while working hard to restore a dictatorship in Brazil again with U.S. collaboration which characterized the forcing of the Worker’s Party Lula  who brought millions out of poverty and then was forced to resign and then to be jailed on false pretexts and this also has happened in Honduras as a result of the Obama/H. Clinton intervention, in 2009, not to mention the other Trump via Pompeo criminal intervention in Venezuela, Ecuador, and Bolivia via U.S. use of the OAS corrupt director Almagro’s agency , not to mention the lawless interventions in Iran since the savage murderous dictatorship of the Shah was ended by the Iranian people’s uprising in 1979, while back 1953 the Anglo-American intervention overthrew the democratically elected President Mossadegh.

Well, now to cut the chase to the dissemination objective of this article here is the introductory paragraph on this subject.

The famous, highly respected, academic, humanist, journalist, Presbyterian minister, Pulitzer Prize winner and Princeton Professor Chris Hedges has on June 6, 2020 interviewed one of the authors of the book just launched that is titled ” The Fake President: Decoding Trump’s Gaslighting, Corruption, and General Bullsh*T “.

The name of the author is very well globally known and highly respected American Lawyer and Consumer Advocate, Ralph Nader.

The name of the co-author is Mark Green, who is the former New York City Consumer Affairs Commissioner, and Public Advocate.

See infra the video of this interview by Chris Hedges.


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