After Trump’s Reached into Countless Abysmal Lows, His Criminally Dishonest Calumniation of the “Peace Poet” Martin Gugino is Beyond Execrable


June 10, 2020 by Alfred

As a literary and otherwise, peace by social and economic justice activist, this writer and publisher of the ARGENTUM POST presents its readers with the incredible but tragically true vicious attack by the highly unpresidential  Donald Trump on a fellow peace activist, namely Martin Gugino, who in turn was the victim of a criminally brutal and reckless Buffalo police.

Here is a snapshot of the 76-year-old peace activist who is a member of “Peace Poets“.

He worked with the Western New York Peace Center after his retirement and was also interested in other political issues like Guantánamo Bay and climate change. He is a native of Buffalo but worked later in Cleveland as a computer technician. He hails from Amherst, a suburb of Buffalo.

See infra the slow motion of the atrocious attack by police on Martin Gugino which had him fall back and hit his head on the pavement causing immediate bleeding which prompted one policeman to look down on him but then is forced by the other policeman to ignore this victim of this horrific attack.   Gugino is still hospitalized in serious but stable condition.

This criminal attack occurred on the same day George Floyd was memorialized.

Trump had no comment on this day as regards the memorialization, but he did opportunistically, grotesquely, mendaciously, calumniate this heroic peace activist, by (a) suggesting that he probably was feigning the scene, and (b) suggesting that this heroic and noble man was an “Antifa” organization member.

Antifa is not an “organization” but it is an anti-fascism movement.

The Washington Post has reported how Trump has blamed falsely that this leftist movement Antifa is responsible for the looting and rioting that has arisen and therefore has decided to characterize as a “terrorist” organization this decentralized collection of individuals of mostly nonviolent methods but pehaps infiltrated by thugs.

Bottom line, Trump suggested that this Peace Activist was a member of a “terrorist” organization when in reality it is neither.  And furthermore, anyone who has seen the video of this attack can in no way come to the bizarre conclusion that the victim is feigning anything.

The Washington Post has further reported (to its credit) the following.

Trump cannot, for practical and legal reasons, formally designate antifa a terrorist organization, and neither he nor his attorney general has made public specific evidence that the far-left movement is orchestrating the fiery protests that have erupted in dozens of U.S. cities.

Bottom line is that we have had for way to long an immense nightmare of a reckless, unaccountable, criminally dishonest circus show going on 24/7 in the White House, and “we-the-people” along with the nations real law-enforcement agencies, along with all members of Congress, (even if probably 90% of more of the House Republicans have demonstrably entered into a probably irreversible state of intellectual, moral, legal putrefaction), along with the American Bar Association, along with the Supreme Court, and if need be, even with the UN and the International Court of Crime must NOW,  and not 6 months from now, have a conference to either entice or force the resignation of the Trump/Pence/Pompeo et al. cabal or go for a real second impeachment trial on the real crimes and Constitutional violations committed by this group which operates as if they learned it from the organized crime cartels.

Former Secretary of State Collin Powel was 100% correct when he recently declared our deranged, energumenic, ignorant, belligerent misleader Trump as a serious threat to American physical and economic security and that means to global security, since his bombings along with the Zionist’s power structure’s of Israel’s bombings of Syria and his weapons sales for the genocidal bombings of Yemen, along with his terrorist sanctions against innocent nations such as Venezuela, and Iran which is also killing countless innocent and unarmed people, not to mention the recent targeted assassination of the respected military strategist and diplomat, namely General Soleimani who came to Irak to help devise peace negotiations, are all factual evidence that he not only needs to be removed from the seat of power, but that he then needs to indicted just like his ally Benjamin Netanyahu now has been to the credit of Israel’s supreme court judges.

To add insult to injury, this man has a sociopathic morbid obsession with destroying everything that was even marginally constructive which was initiated by President Obama, most particularly the nuclear agreement with Iran and now his abrogation of treaties with Russia to designed to avoid nuclear war by error.

Failure to realistically adopt this extraordinary stance for the most extraordinarily destructive mismanagement of our nation increases significantly the probability of leading deliberately or as a result of this chaos to a cataclysmic synergy event particularly as we still have not even come close to recover from COVID-19 and the economical disaster.

We must most importantly (a) funnel stimulus/recovery funds to the working and middle class, and take car of the impoverished and homeless class, and adopt New Deal policies, and YES, most certainly as well adopt socialist measures such as nationalizations, drastically progressive taxation of the billionaire class for equalization to lead to work, peace, and prosperity and we must (b) defund the Defense Department’s spending which for the sake of the industrial-military complex toxic lobby (which General and then President Eisenhower warned us about).

As it stands today with the 1 thousand military installations abroad and with a military budget that is higher than that of the PRC and Russia combined,  we are really running a corrupted Offense Department which further exacerbates this calamitous status quo with the $ 10 million dollars per day of our taxpayer’s funds being sent to Israel to make criminal misleaders such as Netanyahu happy as the continues to carry out massacres and crimes against the humanity of the people of Palestine, and this most particularly in the world’s largest concentration camp of 2.2 million where Gazans are tortured and banned from leaving.

This funding is an emergency now more than ever, as it is imperative that we create the conditions for the recovery of our unemployed workers PLUS the universal health care system which are a human right which nations far poorer than the U.S. do have.  This again not to mention the creation of a really affordable higher education system which is afforded to such poor nations as Mexico and Brazil for nominal fees of on average some $200 dollars per semesters

Hopefully “by all means possible” (except by violence or Constitutional violations) if we cannot remove Trump, not even via the 25th Amendment, then the we-the-people need to unite to shame the DNC for its corruption and incompetence in having engaged twice with manipulations which undermined the progressive candidate’s Bernie Sanders campaigns when it is so painfully obvious that Joe Biden’s background and mental condition is disastrous for any progress to occur in the near future and to boot he may even lose to Trump via Electoral College manipulations.

One of the most formidable potential candidates who unfortunately may no longer want to run for the election is Andrew J. Bacevich who is now a professor of international history at Boston University.   One of his best books is titled “The Limits of Power: The End of American Exceptionalism ”   His writings are literary guides for America to be finally all it can be via genuine participative democracy and constructive and collaborative engagements with friend and adversary alike.

But there is a plethora of highly competent, high integrity, humanist, candidates out there to tackle the task of bringing the U.S. back on the rails tor real rational and humanistic progress.

The ARGENTUM POST at this point offers its readers a 15-minute clip of an interview germane to the subject matter of this article which consists of an interview by the indefaticable and legendary Amy Goodman of Lu Aya who is a close friend of the peace activist Martin Gugino.



One thought on “After Trump’s Reached into Countless Abysmal Lows, His Criminally Dishonest Calumniation of the “Peace Poet” Martin Gugino is Beyond Execrable

  1. Marie Spike says:

    Insult to Injury for poor Mr. Cugino. How tragic, sad and shameful! Thanks for always speaking truth to power.

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