Boris Johnson Says U.K. Opposes Israeli Plan for West Bank Annexation


June 16, 2020 by Alfred

The supra title is that of Israel’s most prestigious, progressive, independent newspaper Haaretz.

Additionally, in another long-overdue development, decent, rational, humanist, law-abiding Israelis now recognize that Israel is an Apartheid state and as such racist and intolerably non legitimately feasible.

This fact has been documented by +972 MAGAZINE in an article titled ” The Jewish Left is Recognizing That Apartheid is Here

​This is noteworthy because if even someone such as Boris Johnson opposes the atrocity of such a Jared Kushner/Trump/Netanyahu (who has been indicted and is being tried) so-called “plan“, most certainly no one in the world should agree with this yet additional criminal annexation, although the real genocidal atrocity started in 1948 and is not only still not over, but is sadly irreversible and if not ended may plunge the Middle East and even more of the world’s nations into a horrific violent war.


It seems that the one democratic state, two peoples solution, advocated by the son of

Major General Matti Peled, namely Miko Peled ​and by the former interim President of Israel Avraham Burg in his book ” In Days To Come ” is the most viable, but that to be genuinely democratic must be based on the one-man/ one-woman / one vote and that ends the mythical notion that the current “exceptionalist”  Jewish Apartheid state is somehow tolerable as it always had been bereft of historical and legal legitimacy even before 1948 because the Bible is by no rationally or legally valid interpretation some kind of a lien on the basis of which the land of the autochthonous inhabitants of Palestine could have been invaded, occupied, and then told to abide, leave, or die.

One thought on “Boris Johnson Says U.K. Opposes Israeli Plan for West Bank Annexation

  1. Marie Spike says:

    Quite unexpected but certainly good news. Let’s hope other world leaders will speak out as well and turn the tide for the Palestinians! Thanks for posting.

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