A One Paragraph Epilogue Addendum to the Previous Article [APFND Nr.128]

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September 1, 2020 by Alfred

The historical consequences of the critical mass reached by the monstrous assassination of George Floyd in synergy with the scandalously national and international law violating, incompetent, dishonest, provocative, national security and international security threatening regime of our misleader et al. and most particularly including the brazenly racist top advisor Stephen Miller – read Jean Guerrero’s book titled “Hate-Monger: Stephen Miller, Donald Trump, and the White Nationalist Agenda “- have given birth to the progressive movement known by the initials “BLM” (Black Lives Matter) and this now makes it an imperative for this movement give rise to the “PLM” movement (Palestinian Lives Matter).

Non-Zionist, decent, noble, humanist, Torah universalist values upholding Jews world-wide, who vastly outnumber those energumenic extreme right-wing, racist, violent, hegemonist, fundamentalist, Evangelicals, Jews, and even seculars, who are infected with the supremacist virus, will now become a loud but dwindling minority of dangerous but also endangered species, and hence without violence, their demise cannot but lead to a brand new world order of reconciliation, peace, harmony, co-healing, co-creating, and co-reconstructing, an era of progressive participative people’s bottom-up democracy, comprising naturally democratic socialist and thereby capitalist-with-a-human-face components economical systems most particularly in the Middle East where the destructive brutal fundamentalist so-called “Islamic State” which is neither Islamic nor a state has been now contained and is in the process of being defused.

Namaste…!  Enough is enough.

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