Special Edition of this ARGENTUM POST – An Announcement re: A Crucially Important Webinar

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October 21, 2020 by Alfred

The writer/publisher of this ARGENTUM POST has been and continues to be in a sabbatical phase for the time being.

This “Special Edition” is to announce to my readers that the very special and highly distinguished Director of Research of the prestigious IRmep (Institute of Research Middle East) who has for the last 7 years organized annual all-day conferences at the prestigious National Press Club in Washington, DC on the subject of “The Israel Lobby and American Policy“, which typically brings in some 400-500 people of all professions and aspirations, and a panel of typically 15-20 experts on their areas of current events and history, is going to host a webinar on 10/29/2020 at Noon EDT to 1:30 PM via Zoom on the subject of “Censorship, Entanglement & Corruption: The Israel Lobby 2021 Agenda” followed by a Q&A session.

This webinar is free and tickets can be obtained at Eventbrite as shown in the supra link to this extraordinary interesting and important topic which the MSM does not cover adequately for political reasons.

Personally, from the perspective of this writer, the following is shared with the readers.

Over the last 7 years of his attendance at these annual conferences at the National Press Club, he has felt educated, inspired, and touched by the impressive knowledge and sincerity of its guest speakers, and this has led him to profoundly respect Grant Smith’s courage, intelligence, integrity, compassion, sensitivity, his uncanny capacity of synthesis, organizational skill sophistication, and much more, such as his vast awareness of critical issues on the basis of his own experience in a variety of countries worldwide.

Mr. Grant Smith is truly a magnificently competent, and humanistically sensitive, selfless individual and “we-the-people” of this wonderful nation now going through its most difficult period due to the scourge of COVID19 and of catastrophic misleadership, would be blessed if we had someone of the caliber of this noble man to vote for the Presidency of our nation.

This writer as the rest of our nation’s population, never needed “peace, sweet peace” more, and thereby increased funding for justice, equality, public health, and public college education via a total ending of the monstrous treasury devouring interventionists wars abroad and this objective ultimately is what these highly educational conferences contribute to, because the more the public learns the sadly politically repressed latent historical truths which underly the reality of the dangers of the festering violence in the Middle East particularly as relates to the endless Zionist aggression on the human rights of the people of Palestine, the sooner healing and reconstruction can start.

It must be noted that these conferences are attended by Palestinians (PLM – Palestinian Lives Matter) and by progressive peace aspiring Jews, particularly Jewish Voice for Peace and the American Council for Judaism both of which this writer of the ARGENTUM POST actively supports.  In addition, it may be of interest to some readers that this writer is the direct descendant of German/Austrian parents who survived the genocidal crimes of the Nazis against Jews and against many others.

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