“November 7, a Day that Will Live in Glory” : The Inchoate Proto-Fascist Attempt to Take Over our Government Has Been Eliminated


November 7, 2020 by Alfred

Trump’s defeat has had this writer of the ARGENTUM POST admittedly levitating as a result of endorphins generated by this event which was hoped for by millions even before Trump managed to come to power notwithstanding his loss to his adversary by 3.5 million votes in the election which all modern representative democracies consider the standard model of ” one man/one woman one vote“, i.e. direct elections.

Without that relic of the slavery era called the “Electoral Collegewe-the-people” would not have had to put up with the calamitous 4 years of destructive nightmares which led to horrific consequences nationally and internationally and which never again should occur.

But, radically contrary to what neocons and neolibs intend to pursue, namely essentially conserving the economical, political, sociological status quo ante, “we-the-people” must join the inchoate Progressive movement nationwide and even worldwide,  by organizing institutionally for the establishment of bottom-up genuine participative SOCIAL democracy so that politicians will serve us and not control us and tell us things such as “under my government, there will be no universal public health care “ as Biden declared as if he does not need to consult with the people of America and/or with decent and progressive congressional representatives of us what he wants to do about urgent public health care , independently of the undue supremacy the health insurance sector gets away with imposing.

Trillions of dollars will fund essential social programs and much more, if the predatory, destructive, perverse, hegemonic, military interventionism by the diabolic military-industrial complex is not restructured and defunded as is the case with more than 1 thousand military installations we have world-wide to continue these provocative, destructive, treasury and blood hemorrhaging wars of interventionism for the control of foreign human and natural resources.

Bizarre concepts such as “exceptionalism“, racist supremacy, depicting such nations as the PRC, and Russia as speciously and dishonestly as  “threats” instead of competitors at worse, and more importantly the practice of “sanctions terrorism” particularly during this calamitous era of COVID on innocent nations such as Iran, Venezuela, Yemen and supporting and selling weapons to murderous regimes such as Saudi Arabia, where on average one individual is executed every other day and supporting the Saudi barbaric bombing war of Yemen, as well as supporting the regime of the now-indicted by Israel savage regime of Zionist Netanyahu in its continued practice of torture, theft of land, and periodic massacres of innocent protesters, will ALL ONCE for ALL have to come to an end.

If we want to be viewed as civilized, high integrity, and international laws and treaties respecting nation, which the vast majority of “we-the-people” are but which our misleaders in the executive and legislative branches have not been, yet have gotten away with grotesquely carrying out outright crimes against humanity at home and abroad, in our name and to boot without accountability, then it is an imperative that we create the means and the incentive to immediately organize to bring our valid expectations to our new government.

A new era of humanistic expectations must usher in this post-Neo-Nazi sympathizing regime, something which must never again be allowed to occur.

The rightful clamor by non-Zionist Jews “Never Again” must be perpetually respected, and the mendacious expletive epithet of “anti-Semitism” must never be uttered by those who use as a weapon to denigrate those who validly criticize Zionism and/or the Zionist power structure which attempts insidiously to conflate Zionism (a racist right-wing extremist ideology) with Judaism (a Torah abiding universalist humanist faith)  which has been the victim of Zionism for too long because since 1948 it has been a tabu to criticize Zionism which the Western powers used for its control of the fossil fuel industry at the expense of innocent the autochthonous inhabitants of Palestine.

The new administration must also end once for all the criminally odious incitement against war on innocent Iran by Zionists and their cohorts. This execrable pressure would have hugely calamitous consequences and could lead us into a Third World War.

4 thoughts on ““November 7, a Day that Will Live in Glory” : The Inchoate Proto-Fascist Attempt to Take Over our Government Has Been Eliminated

  1. Marie Spike says:

    Yes, we can rejoice that Trump has been dumped! However, Biden/Harris needs to be PRESSURED into a sane and sensible foreign policy leading toward peace and cooperation with all nations.

  2. M. Estelle Estelle Spike says:

    Yes, we can rejoice that Trump has been dumped, but there is much work to be done in moving the Democrats toward forging friendship, peace and justice for and with Palestine, Iran, Yemen, Syria, Russia, China, North Korea, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East. We need to hold all war mongers and war criminals accountable in domestic and international courts of law. We must stop the U.S. from being the World’s mafia!

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