Breaking News : After “Secret” Meeting of Netanyahu/Bin Salman/ Trump Iranian Scientists Have Been Assassinated Iran

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November 27, 2020 by Alfred

So far the MSM has been silent on the terrorist attack of innocent Iranian scientists comprising one who had to lead the path to the Iran Nuclear Agreement which Trump violated by pulling the US out of it.

The Israeli Zionist power structure is silent as well.

False flag attacks on Iranian scientists have occurred in the past, and the highly respected General Solelimani who was a military strategist and a diplomat, after arriving at the site of talks aimed at reducing tensions between the US and Iran, was assassinated at the order of our misleader, Trump.

War on Iran would amount to a nightmarish reckless product of criminal lunacy which has the potential for major destabilization of the entire Middle East something which Russia and China and the rest of the world could not afford.

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