Addendum to Breaking News AP Article re: Iranian Scientists Assassinated in Iran


November 28, 2020 by Alfred

This is an addendum to the ARGENTUM POST article published on November 27, 2020 titled “Breaking News : After “Secret” Meetings of Netanyahu/Bin Salman/ Trump Iranian Scientists Have Been Assassinated in Iran

According to the NYT ” One American official – along with two other intelligence officials – said that Israel was behind the attack on the scientist”.

It is very noteworthy to add that John Owen Brennan who was the 5th Director of the CIA from 2013 to 2017 under Barack Obama, has denounced the attack.

It is also very noteworthy that Foreign Policy reported on November 23, 2020  a secret flight record shows that Netanyahu and Bin Salman joined to face Biden.

Both, Netanyahu who is already under indictment for 3 crimes in Israel and is also responsible for the deaths of innocent peaceful Palestinian protesters in the largest concentration camp of the world of 2.2 million Palestinians,  namely Gaza,  and Bin Salman who according to the CIA is responsible for the torturous death of the principled and noble dissident journalist of The Washington Post, namely Jamal Khashoggi, in Saudi Arabia where on average one person is executed every other day, have scandalously not been held accountable for their crimes against the humanity of Palestine, Yemen, and Saudi Arabia.

Furthermore, it is a disgrace that our unpresidential misleader has gotten away with embracing the Saudi power structure and has sold them military hardware for the Saudi-led bombing war on Yemen which has now lasted for 5 years and claimed the death of more than 17,500 civilians including 1,400 children.  Additionally, 85,000 children died from famine.

Additionally, Trump/Pompeo have falsely claimed that Iran is the worst terrorist-supporting nation in the world when in reality it this is the case with Saudi Arabia.

All along, Trump has imposed a most devasting sanctions regime on Iran which has killed countless people for lack of access to medications during this horrific pandemic year.

The findings by the supra intelligence officials and the said American official in addition to the condemnation by former CIA Director John Brennan are veritable blessings that must be immediately followed up by the indictment of the responsible war criminals.

Such a move must be followed up by an all-out effort to bring an end to all violence targeting Yemen, Palestine, and Iran by the coalition of the worst terrorist actors in Saudi Arabia, in the Zionist power structure of Israel, and an end to all military sales by Britain and by the U.S.’s military/industrial complex which former President Dwight Eisenhower warned us about during his farewell speech.

Also, the immediate reactivation of the JCPOA Nuclear Agreement violated egregiously by Trump must end NOW, as well as all “maximum pressure” criminal sanctions must be eliminated.

At this point, the stage is then set for the inchoate evolution of a comprehensive genuine, and progressive peace plan which may then spread to particularly Egypt which has just arrested Karim Ennarah who is Egypt’s top Human Rights official.



One thought on “Addendum to Breaking News AP Article re: Iranian Scientists Assassinated in Iran

  1. Michael C. Corey says:

    The neo-fascist Trump is complicit with Israel in preventing President-Elect Biden from reviving any peace deal whatsoever. What a lowlife scum Don the Con is: leaving Joe with more problems starting Jan 21st!

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