A “Less Is More” Article to Support the Popular Clamor for Progressive Reform as the Trump/Netanyahu/Bin Salman & Other Partners in Crime Are Exposed


January 4, 2021 by Alfred

As made clear in the AP’s previous articles, the ARGENTUM POST is NOT a “political” blog.  It is a form of mostly literary peace by justice, and genuinely participative democracy, and now more than ever, the dire need for progressives reform in all sectors of governance so as to reflect what “we-the-people” want and need from politicians “we-the-people” have a Constitutional right to expect.

At no time in our nation’s history has our Constitutional Democracy been more violated and abused than in the past 4 years, and if this trend is not now ended by progressive reforms we are doomed to face a calamity that has already meted out such grotesque damage that it may irreversibly damage all of us, minus the horrifically corrupted oligarchs who recklessly and dishonestly go about business as usual.

Our domestic and foreign policy is in a state of putrefaction.

All of this state of affairs was initiated during the Reagan administration which in its demolition of control of the private sector started the intoxication of our meteorological, political, electoral, legislative, and even judicial environment rendering thereby the illegal greenlighting of the private sector to violate the sovereignty of our government.

Fast forward to the present, we face a total collapse of ethics, honesty, compassion, reliability, emergency preparedness, and more by bipartisan politicians who are millionaires, arrogant, ignorant, pathologically greedy, and narcissistically hell-bent to neglect our basic needs in the areas of public health insurance, affordable college education, support for the elderly, the homeless, the about to be evicted jobless and on and on to the point that our badly socially stratified society will reach such hopelessness that major violence can and will destroy our civilization.

We must no longer tolerate the imposition of the will of the filthy rich who are presently enjoying what they believe to be a market that exists only for the maximization of profit for the benefit of stockholders and thus leaving our middle class and poorest class relegated to a kind of survival of the fittest social Darwinism coupled perversely to racist eugenics.

We must now demand to chose to elect genuine public servants who are by nature progressive, rationalist, secular, and/or progressively spiritualized humanists, who work with us in a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people“.  This class must also comprise diplomats, political scientists, historians, journalists, scientists, physicians, economists, as well as common people of all vocational backgrounds.

Money must be taken out of the electoral process which must function like a Swiss watch, flawlessly, transparent, and at the service of our humanity.

The industrial-military complex scourge, as well as the big pharma-hospital complex, must be either become extinct and/or gradually reformed into functional institutions that other progressive nations enjoy such as Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, France, the Scandinavian nations, the People’s Republic of China, Cuba, Vietnam, and some others have.

President Biden must not be able to state from the get-go, that he will not consider a Medicare for All program, or that he will continue to support the torturous suppression and massacres of the autochthonous Palestinians by the violent implant of Isreal in Palestine in 1948.   And must be commended for his intention to stop immediately the construction of the stupid and expensive wall.  He also must constructively engage with Russia and the People’s Republic of China, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela’s real leader, and not a Guaydo.

All interventionist regime change wars and terroristic sanctions regimes on governments that chose a socialist model of evolution must end.  Socialism is a respected alternative method social and economic development which in no way must be any longer considered a taboo subject matter in the U.S.

The Non-Proliferation Treaty’s article 6 violation must end NOW, and that means we must, along with the club of 5 nations that have nuclear weapons, once for all dismantle them ALL and includes of course, first and foremost, Israel’s nukes which to this day are in plain sight yet hypocritically and dishonesty characterized by Israel an issue on which a so-called policy of “strategic ambiguity” must be maintained by all and that is to include all U.S. Government Personnel.

The insanity of providing Israel with $10 million dollars per day is bizarre and despicably wasteful while presently this entity which is the product of the Zionistic nationalization of the noble Torah based universalist Jewish faith is an aberration that from its beginning was opposed and continues to be opposed by a majority of the world’s Jews.

This article, of course, could go on and on since it is just a minimalist succinct summary of the reforms which are urgently called upon for us to not return to the ” normality” which brought us to the brink of this calamity.

At this point, though in this article, the ARGENTUM POST brings to its reader’s attention two tragic and appalling developments which are positive in the sense that they point out how grateful we can be for what even our badly abused democracy has been able to accomplish, namely that within the next 16 we will have been able to eject our energumenic misleader from the White House which he got away with occupying notwithstanding that he lost the 2016 election by more than 3 million votes on the basis of the “we the people” votes.

At this point, it has become clearer than ever, that this misleader has no one to blame but himself for the sordid state of affairs his administration engendered.

Two occurrences, among a plethora of documentation that supports the damage wrought on us during the 4 years this individual sat tweeting lies and inciting hate and fear-mongering, have come to the surface.

The first one is how he was caught brazenly pressuring, extorting, and threatening his own parties’ Secretary of State of Georgia, namely Brad Raffensperger during a one-hour insistence to force the said Secretary of State to commit the crime of “fabricating” non-existent 11,770 votes this misleader feels he needs to overturn the solid election of President Biden.  All MSM media reported on this leaked conversation for which this man must be held accountable.

The second one is among the thousands of distortions, and habitual dangerous and downright criminal mendacious proclamations, which is one of the horrific assassination crimes he had committed during his term in office.

The so-called unpresidential “President” of the United States, gave the order to have a University Professor, diplomat, military strategist, and highly respected Major General who was crucially instrumental in the effort to contain, confront, and defeat the so-called “Islamic State” bloody terrorists (which were neither a state nor represented Koranic Islam), namely General Qassem Suleimani who was falsely accused of planning an attack on U.S. troops, something which never happened and for which there was no evidence.

In fact, General Suleimani was hit by a drone strike when he was near the International Airport in Baghdad to meet the Prime Minister of Iraq, namely Abdul-Mahdi to discuss means to reduce the stress in the region, particularly due to the U.S. supported destabilization of Iran in coordination with the murderous misleader of Saudi Arabian, Mohammed Bin Salman (which along with Trump and Kushner have “deals” with as regards to arms sales and in whose country on average one person is executed every other day, often with none or just perfunctory so-called “trials” and of Israel’s PM Netanyahu who is indicted for serious crimes of Netanyahu whose trial for a series of crimes starts at the end of January.

The AP, therefore, includes infra, a video recording of General Suleimani’s daughter Zeinab Soleimani by the London based host of “Going Underground”, namely Afshin Rattansi.


Of course, there has been prior documented evidence of the U.S. and at times Israel indirectly arming terrorist groups to destabilize nations when it is in their geopolitical interests.

See the infra interview of the courageous, indefaticable, brilliant Max Blumenthal who is the founder of the Grayzone.



2 thoughts on “A “Less Is More” Article to Support the Popular Clamor for Progressive Reform as the Trump/Netanyahu/Bin Salman & Other Partners in Crime Are Exposed

  1. fausto da silva baptisya says:

    a very highconsciousness article that didn´t leave behind any doubt

  2. Michael C. Corey says:

    The Machiavellian and narcissistic GOP has now evolved to Sadism. They are enjoying seeing minorities die from either Covid19 or economic neglect and willfully denying people their rights. Glad Biden will give a respite even though he’s clearly not someone who push too hard on progressive issues. I’ll take what we can these next two years.

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