After The 01/06/2020 “Day That Will Live in Infamy”, There is an Imperative That the “Day of Progressive Healing and of Reconstruction” Start TODAY

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January 7, 2021 by Alfred

Yesterday, on 01/06/2020 the U.S. and the world were surrealistically shaken to their foundations when it became clear that the President of the United States of America, after a four-year term characterized by nightmarish, inept, dishonest, international law violating, hate and fear-mongering, coupled to horrific provocations generating on the national and international arena, finally crossed the proverbial rubicon, by instigating his base of weapons-bearing criminally violent mostly Neo Nazi-type of white supremacists, to assault and invade the sacred Capitol building because this sociopathic misleader mendaciously and without any proving documentation at all, claimed that he won the election which in reality he lost.

This pathological narcissist would not and could not accept that he lost fair and square his re-election attempt to President-elect Joe Biden.

As a result his thuggish dog whistles trained terrorists entered the building and vandalized offices such as that of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and to boot, they physically attacked people outdoors and indoors leading to the deaths of three people, and injuries of tenths of law enforcement officers as well as innocent civilians.  It seems that the vast majority of these people who came were not from the Washington Metropolitan area.

Throughout the 4 years of his supporters in the Senate were cowardly and sycophantically quiet notwithstanding how outrageous the policies and actions of the unpresidential President were.

Therefore on the day after this appalling catastrophe, which exposed the depth to which this individual stooped to become an authoritarian oligarch to the point of considering what amounts to a coup d’etad attempt, he must not remain and further disgrace the office of the commander-in-chief for various reasons, most importantly of which being that in his state of derangedness he constitutes a major threat to our national security, something which he has demonstrated throughout his 4-year term of outrageous international law violating threats and moves.

Trump has embraced his decadent and racist senior foreign policy advisor which is the ideologue of the monstrous separation of immigrant children from parents policy.

Trump has also embraced, at times nepotistically with his son-in-law Jared Kushner, the most energumenic misleaders of nations whose power structures are run by outright murderers, such as Mohammad Bin Salman, of Saudi Arabia (where on average one person is executed every other day without a due process in “crimes” such as criticism of the lack of democracy), and to which he sells billions of dollars of weapons and fighter jets while for 5 years now this nation is bombing the poorest nation of the Middle East, namely Yemen.

He also violated national and international law in this embrace of the indicted and about to be tried misleader of Israel, namely Netanyahu who under whose regime thousands of Palestinians have been imprisoned, tortured, and massacred during weekends when protesting peacefully in the wold’s largest concentration camp of 2.2 million people, namely Gaza, which had its main electrical power generating station destroyed and who now desperately need the COVID vaccine which Israel in violation of the Geneva Accords Israel does not provide, and furthermore the capital of Israel was illegally transferred from Tel Aviv to East Jerusalem by Trump support, as well as the Syrian Golan Heights which with Trump support was illegally annexed by Netanyahu.

To add insult to injury, besides these criminal moves based bizarrely on “Trump recognition” (!?)which must be reversed by the Biden administration, Israels receives outrageously – daily – from our taxpayers’ funds, %10 million dollars.

On the other hand, Trump practices sanctions terrorism on particularly on nations which have vast oil reserves, such as Venezuela and Iran, thereby punishing innocent nations since both nations have been suffering from the decline of oil prices coupled to the freezing of gold reserves by the British government, and this literally results in the unnecessary death of Coronavirus victims.

Trump also is a documented assassin who has ordered the execution of a university professor, who was also a diplomat, a military strategist, and was a major asset in the containment and defeat of the so-called horrific terrorist “Islamic State” which is neither “Islamic” nor a “State”.  The victim of this assassination is General Soleimani who was falsely characterized by Israel and the U.S. as a man who targets Americans for assassination in Iraq when in reality not only has he never done this but in fact and yet was killed by a Trump ordered drone strike when he arrived at the International Airport of Bagdhad to meet with the Prime Minister of Iraq to discuss means to reduce the stress in the region.

For a recent video interview of the daughter of General Suleimani, by Afshin Rattansi, the host of “Going Underground” based in London, readers may click on the infra link.

A “Less Is More” Article to Support the Popular Clamor for Progressive Reform as the Trump/Netanyahu/Bin Salman & Other Partners in Crime Are Exposed

Trump has also been involved in the coup d’etat against the Bolivian President Evo Morales and is as well a supporter of the illegal overthrow of  Brazil’s highly respected  President Lula da Silva and of his vice President Dilma Roussef.  Both Presidents have brought millions of people out of extreme poverty, and yes, they happen to have used the alternative socio/economic socialist system to achieve this commendable prosperity generating outcomes as any sovereign nation has the right to use.

The bottom line is: Trump must be removed immediately since he has been pressed relentlessly on the basis of fabricated evidence by particularly the indicted Netanyahu, that Iran is an existential threat to Israel when in reality Iran has the largest percentage of Jews living happily within Iran where they have their own vineyards and their own hospitals.

At this moment, Trump has ordered an aircraft carrier ship into the straight of Hormuz on the false accusation that Iran has taken a South Korean tanker hostage.

As the Washington Post reported yesterday, on January 6th, 2021, this is not a hostage situation but it is an operation by Iran to recover $7 billion of its assets that were frozen by Seoul.

Given his state of mind, Trump may be pressed by Netanyahu to the point that he will go along with a scheme fabricated by Israel that is has been attacked by Iran and hence needs the immediate intervention of the U.S. and that pretext may then be used by Trump with the catastrophic consequences of a war on Iran which may spiral particularly on ours and the world’s economy.

President-elect Biden already announced that he will immediately negotiate a return to the Nuclear Agreement with Iran which Trump recklessly and dangerously dumped, but Biden must retain his privilege of diplomacy with Iran which may result in a win-win solution for both, Iran and the U.S.

From now on our foreign policy must end criminal and reckless regime changes and/or egregious interventionism wars which eventually may lead us into a major war that may escalate into WWIII.

We need tons of funds to repay our debt and repair and revive our economy, in addition, to maximize the benefits thereby for recovering from the Coronavirus scourge, the dire need for  Medicare for all and for very affordable state college education for those who lack funds, therefore.

Finally, we must once for all end fake Russia and fake Peoples Republic of China (PRC) calumniation and begin to accept the reality that we are now in the multipolar world and that means constructive engagement with Russia and China and as well constructive engagement which nations which want to emulate the PRC model of integrating capitalism with socialism for the synergetic effect of both to all of us who by now must also eliminate the dehumanizing scourge of the destabilizing socioeconomic inequality.

The way to the future must become “less is more” progressivism in all sectors for healthy survivability.

To end this article the readers of this ARGENTUM POST will be provided infra with a video of a 07/01/2021 very informative video interview by the indefatigable host of DEMOCRACY NOW, namely Amy Goodman of the multiple prize recipient investigative journalist Alan Nairn, who underscores the urgent need for the inception of creative PROGRESSIVIST measures which must eradicate for all times such egregious and downright criminally regressive attitudes as racism, classism, sexism, homophobia, greed, jealousy and as well a resuscitation and/or inauguration of honesty, kindness, cooperation, morality, humanist ethics, secular humanism, as well as spiritualized humanism.

This video was not yet available on this 01/07/2021 day of the New Year.

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