The Justice Frank Murphy Court Ruling Made it Crystal Clear That Trump Can and Must be Removed

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January 9, 2021 by Alfred

Our unpresidential President has not only crossed the proverbial rubicon of propriety, but he has gone way beyond that since 2016 when it comes to inciting violence and cavorting and supporting right-wing ultra extremist and violent criminal Neo-Nazi White Supremacists.

In a Supreme Court unanimous decision dated March 9, 1942, titled “Chaplinsky v. New Hampshire“, it was decided by the Justice Frank Murphy court that “Fighting words” fall outside the protections of the First Amendment.

As declared in the website Oyez, the following is the synopsis of that court’s ruling:

Writing for a unanimous Court, Justice Frank Murphy upheld Chaplinsky’s conviction. The Court identified certain categorical exceptions to First Amendment protections, including obscenities, certain profane and slanderous speech, and “fighting words.” He found that Chaplinsky’s insults were “fighting words” since they caused direct harm to their target and could be construed to advocate an immediate breach of the peace. Thus, they lacked the social value of disseminating ideas to the public that lay behind the rights granted by the First Amendment. A state can use its police power, the Court reasoned, to curb their expression in the interests of maintaining order and morality.

It is therefore downright non-sensical to declare that Donald Trump should not be removed by the proper legal means of the invocation of the 25th Amendment or by the Congressional Impeachment, because this would be somehow “divisive“.

Trump has been dishonestly “divisive” from the git-go in 2016.  From then on he was not just egregiously divisive but his actions became violently brutal, illegal, unconstitutional, at home and abroad.

When terroristic, white supremacists, Neo-Nazis carried out their assaults in Charlottesville in August 12 of 2017, against peaceful demonstrators where a young woman was killed and many were injured, Trump had the temerity to declare that “there were good people on both sides“.

There is no such thing as a terrorist white supremacist, Neo-Nazi attacks by “good people“. This is an oxymoron on steroid assertion.

Likewise were the assassinations ordered by Trump as that against the highly respected university professor, diplomat, military strategist who became a major asset in the containment, confrontation, and defeat of the horrific so-called “Islamic State” (which was neither “Islamic” as defined by the Koran, not much less a “state”).

The individual who was the victim of this horrific crime was falsely characterized as a man who targeted American soldiers in Iraq without any proof whatsoever-as a cursory Google search will reveal- but he was the Iranian General Soleimani who came to a site near the Internationa Airport of Baghdad to meet the Prime Minister of Iraq in order to engage in talks addressing the need of measures to reduce tensions by the use of diplomacy when he was hit by a Trump ordered drone strike. (Incidentally and interview of the daughter of this noble man by the London based Afshin Rattansi “Going Underground” host, can be viewed in a video embedded in the following ARGENTUM POST article titled A “Less Is More” Article to Support the Popular Clamor for Progressive Reform as the Trump/Netanyahu/Bin Salman & Other Partners in Crime Are Exposed.

The bottom line is, not only must Trump be removed immediately from the White House he occupied after losing the 2016 election by more than 3 million votes, since any day, and any hour he still sits in that White House he constitutes a national security threat, but also the sooner he is removed the sooner will he be then held accountable by the Judicial branch of governance by lawsuits for the plethora of crimes he got away with committing since his inauguration in 2016.


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