An Addendum to the Previous Article Published Today on 03/12/2021


March 13, 2021 by Alfred

A series of sudden technical problems interfered with bringing the earlier article titled as shown infra, to its end.

IT is Now an Imperative:Progressive Governance + World-Wide Nuclear Disarmament, Sine Qua Non We Face Humankind Extinction Sooner Than Naturally

The second video which was relevant and revealing to this article is of the interview by Amy Goodman of the very principled and courageous journalist Nima Elbagir who risked her life by entering Yemen which for 5 years has been bombed by the genocidal Saudi led and US/British/Israel* supported war which according to the WHO, is close to resulting in the worst genocide by famine and war injuries in history of 400 thousand children under 5 years. CNN to its credit has helped Nima Elbagir in this difficult and dangerous mission.

(*) (*)

The title of this segment is

“Hell on Earth”: Yemeni Children Starve to Death as U.S.-Backed Saudi Blockade Devastates Nation

This must be one of the most scandalously obscene devaluations of human life in the history of humanity and yet the former British colonialist empire, the present U.S. hawkish hegemonist imperialist nation along with the Zionist racist supremacist power structure of Israel participated in this sordid genocidal crime against the humanity of innocent men, women, and children with impunity and only now the International Criminal Court has had a courageous and principled enough Judge to declare that it will “investigate” this horrific tragedy which shamelessly the mainstream media hardly reports on.

What sadly all four nations supporting this execrable utter disrespect for human life in their pursuit of hegemony and power by torturous homicidal means is the long story they all have of subjugation for supremacy by violent mean something wich the UN and the ICC along with the rest of the developed world could have avoided by all non-violent and non-illegal means.  This is as much of a scandal as the Nazi war crimes against the humanity of Jews and others.

Hopefully the COVIC era will bring all of us to reflect introspectively about how we all have a a humanistic sacred right to the live without aggression and supression and that we all have a right to protection under civilized and humanistically rational common sense.

The scourge of all ‘isms, must be eliminated.  We all have rights and obligations to live in a universe of equality and harmony and progress and love.


One thought on “An Addendum to the Previous Article Published Today on 03/12/2021

  1. Marie Spike says:

    All so very sadly and tragically true. Kudos to you, Alfred, for all your efforts to bring your readers the real news and your heartfelt, inspirational commentary.

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