Vijay Prashad, Brilliant Historian, Journalist, and Marxist Intellectual Exposes the Mendacious and Perfidious Vilification of the People’s Republic of China ( PRC).


March 16, 2021 by Alfred

Roger Waters said about Prashad, ” Like his hero Eduardo Galeano, Vijay Prashad makes the telling of the truth lovable; not an easy trick to pull off, he does it effortlessly.”

The neocon/neolib/MSM Fourth Estate media corrupt cabal’s vilification of not only the PRC but as well of any nation or leader of a nation that does not follow the diktats of what is approved by the top right-wing/corporate elite’s hegemonic and neo-imperialist objectives are automatically being targeted to vast campaigns of dishonest propaganda, sabotage, aggressive provocations, a regimen of an invasive and illegal regimen of terrorizing and destructive economic sanctions and more, such as our insanely sending warships to the China Seas.  Has the PRC sent warships to the Caribbean?

It is imperative that, via diplomacy, the US must engage constructively with the PRC instead of idiotically to provoke it because it has been so successful since their 1949 revolution.

As Vijay Prashad pointed out, for the last 40 years, the PRC did not bomb a single country, while the U.S. has bombed 46.

Vijay Prashad recognizes this dangerous reality which is unraveling in a spiral that may lead us into not just one or two wars, but worse than that, into a conflagration which could bring nations usher either deliberately or by blunder a nuclear military confrontation.  Neither country can win such non-sense, which only necrophilic crackpots can imagine.

Most of the press has become an organization of stenotypists who print the often utter ignorance and/or malevolence -based lies uttered by hate and fear incitement fabricated calumniations by the likes of particularly early on Nixon/Kissinger, Ronald Reagan, father and son Bush, Trump and Mike Pompeo, Benjamin Netanyahu and their cohorts, targeting the PRC, Russia, Venezuela, Honduras, Bolivia, Ecuador, Brazil, Cuba, Nicaragua, Chile, Iran, and many other nations whose sovereignty is brazenly and in violation of UN rules and international law, and of our Constitutional law, is leading us into an abyss, and this now during the catastrophic crisis wrought on our collective health and economy.

To add insult to injury, when “we-the-people” now rightfully demand (a) an immediate universal public health service, (b) an immediate end in interventionist trillion dollar criminal regime change wars, and (c) an immediate dismantlement of the corrupt industrial/military complex which President Eisenhower warned us about, (d) an immediate end in the punishment of innocent nations by wretchedly criminal sanctions which affect the poorest of the poor as well as the middle classes abroad, “we-the-people” are reprehensibly either ignored, or are told to shut up,  or are absurdly told that particularly for the universal health care systems which all most democracies have, is “too expensive“.

The day has arrived that we impose on the billionaire/millionaire class that it returns its surplus wealth by the legislation of comprehensive progressive taxation to restart the economy and for the inception of a social health care program for all in addition to the inception of a free or moderately priced public college education.

January 6th is now another day which “will live in infamy“.

It is the day that clearly is a milestone in the revelation/exposure of the depths the Republican Party has reached in its path to bankruptcy, along with the revelation of the depths of putrefaction of our neocon/neolib unregulated capitalism on steroids has sunk.

This bankrupt capitalism system is now inexorably embarking on a spiral to self-extinction which either is salvageable by the introduction of all the progressive reform demands “we-the-people” need, demand, and deserve to convert our pseudo-democracy into a genuine progressive participative social democracy and/or a socialistic democracy.

There is no democracy within a stratified society.  Equalization for rights and obligations along with the total elimination of all possible discriminations is an indisputable given.

Failure is not allowable, lest we will suicidally run aground entering a nightmarish era of humankind extinction, something which no rationalist, humanist, civilized being should even remotely fathom for the sake of ourselves and that of our legacy to the next generation.

With this preface, the ARGENTUM POST presents its readers with a half-hour video of the interview of the vibrant, highly principled, humanist Vijay Prashad.

The video’s first 3 minutes are an introduction to the interview.

One thought on “Vijay Prashad, Brilliant Historian, Journalist, and Marxist Intellectual Exposes the Mendacious and Perfidious Vilification of the People’s Republic of China ( PRC).

  1. Marie Spike says:

    Yes, I saw this extremely important, excellent interview. Kudos to Democracy Now and to you, Alfred, for sharing it. Savages and lunatics, addicted to power, war and destruction are running the Pentagon, CIA, Government and Media. Next targets are China and then Russia. Not a country is safe that won’t be controlled by the USA.

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