IT is Now an Imperative:Progressive Governance + World-Wide Nuclear Disarmament, Sine Qua Non We Face Humankind Extinction Sooner Than Naturally


March 13, 2021 by Alfred

Critical mass has been reached.

One scandalously catastrophic set of 4 years under the utter misleadership of the criminally reckless and incompetent fascist energumenic President which 24/7 did not preside but narcissistically incited neo-Nazis, anarchists, hedonists, racists, misogynists to violate national and international and even our Constitutional laws in order to destabilize the country and destroy what is left of our badly damaged democracy has finally come to an end.

We are however far from getting out of the woods some of which are still on fire.

The election of Biden is obviously a major step forward but still far from our ideal destiny to become a genuine participative functional democracy.

We have a so-called two-party system which is in reality a system of eliticist and hawkish neocons and neolibs which differ a bit analogously as the toxic beverages of Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola differ with their high sugary content and even Phosphoric acid content in the case of the latter.

The system is corrupt, but the politicians in the Democratic side are less so, thanks to the new wave of genuine progressive representatives of the our people.

Nonetheless, while the RNC is with few exceptions totally corrupt and made of pathologically far-right extremists, the DNC is somewhat similar since it continues some of the same horrific practices that failed our democratic ideals and rights egregiously, to the point that some of the most promising progressives candidates such as Bernie Sanders, and Tulsi Gabbart ,were sabotaged by their own party by this neolibs masquerading as creative and liberals while of course, worse so, the neocons finally showed their real colors by masquerading as moderate conservatives, turned out to expose themselves as intellectually, ethically, politically bankrupt, and on January 6th showing their support for documentable criminals who attacked one of the temples of the democracy “we the people” should be able to worship.

Now, when it comes to Joe Biden, his history of Biden shows that he was documentably enthusiastic; supporter of the criminal Cheney/Bush war on Iraq in 2003 which the Secretary-General of the UN and our top arms inspector, namely the highly principled and competent, and honest Scott Ritter IAEA inspector determined to be fraudulent fabricated grounds by this administration in collaboration with the daily lies of the Apartheid Zionist power structure of Israel, namely Benjamin Netanyahu who has been indicted for serious crimes of by the Israeli Court and hopefully afterward will be indicted by the ICC for his heinous crimes against the humanity of the autochthonous inhabitants for centuries of Palestine.

Mr. Biden also has a record of having opposed the desegregation and busing of children in public schools, and was involved in Ukraine while being our VP with activities related to the protection of his son who was paid high salaries for a job for which is was not trained in exchange of the provision weapons for the Ukrainian right-wing thugs who along with the support of Olivia Nuland in our effort to drive a wedge between the Ukraine and Russia for not valid reasons than our own imperialist interests.

Fast forward to the present, after during the campaign Biden made promises such (a) he would hold the world’s most decrepitly wretched terrorist-sponsoring dictatorship of Saudi Arabia,  where on average one of its people is executed every other day for daring to demand democracy, a regime which Trump and Jared Kushner embraced, sold weapons to,  and a regime which murdered the dissident Washington Post employed journalist Jamal Kashoggi, and a regime which was directly involved in the 9/11 attacks and (b) he would engage constructively with friend and foe, neither one of wish materialized.

Five weeks into this “honeymoon” period, the willi nilli ordered a military strike on Syria which killed 22 people, and he did it in violation of the Constitution which calls for consultation with Congress and with the American people, 70% of which is fed up with the hemorrhaging of blood and treasury for never-ending wars for the benefit of the military-industrial complex. To boot, he then reneged on his promise to confront the murderous Bin Salman dictator and give him a pass, he overlooks the Saudi led genocide in Yemen, but at the same time as he protected these sociopathic criminals he continued Trump’s perfidious punishment of the innocent peoples of Venezuela, Cuba, Iran, while nominating a hawk-like Blindem who is now threatening Russia and the PRC for no discernible reason, and to ad insult to injury he now his sending warships to the straight of Hormuz and to the South China Sea in what is a callously reckless provocation which easily can even by blunder lead to an extremely dangerous military confrontation which will nullify any of the signs of progress Americans have now made to stamp out the COVID crisis.

The bottom line is as stated in the title of this article.

Biden has now adopted a very pleasant avuncular tone when addressing the American people but (a) there were nice words but zero action when it came to rejoin the Iranian Nuclear Agreement, (b) there is no diplomacy underway to lessen the impact of the vilification of Russia and of the PRC all on the basis of mendacious fabrications to portrait these two successful nations as a “threat” to the U.S., (c) there is no consideration for a conversation with the American people which deserves now more than ever a Medicare for All health program as if there is to high a cost associated with this program when not only is that not true, but there is money just appropriated $US 264 million dollars for upgrading our nuclear weapons arsenal, there is money to accommodate the Apartheid Zionist regime of their ultra-right-wing provocative power structured which amounts to the obscene quantity of US$ 10 million dollars per day and there is money U.S.$ 264 million dollars to upgrade our nuclear weapons.

It is appallingly outrageous to claim that we lack funds to provide the quality health care most other democracies in the world enjoy, when it is clear that by legislation we can impose very progressive taxation on the billionaires and on the multimillionaires whose growth in wealth during the pandemic year of 2020 amounted to US $ billion 360 dollars as The Washington Post reported today March 13, 2021, which are written by Nitasha Tiku and Jay Greene and is titled “A Boom for Billionaires Amid a Bust for Workers”.

The only existential threat we face in America today does not come from a single country but comes from the inability and malevolent detachment of reality by the elites of both parties which are literally hell-bent to make it a tabu to begin to regulate our greedy capitalism run amok and to open the doors to the tons of American economist scholars who can prove that without the introduction of social-democratic or even some socialist, yes socialist programs which will give the “poor huddled masses” some human dignity and will provide affordable housing, health care, and schooling so that not one person will have to perish due to poverty and/or treatable illness.

It is high time to reinvent ourselves and once for all dismantle our military-industrial complex which President Eisenhower, a very decent and compassionate Republican the like of which we may have some ten or so in our Senate.

It is time for a new New Deal.

The alternative is a fatal spiraling down to the end of humankind by violent wars.

No decent civilized American can not not only not envisage, but not even dream, about such a nightmare of legacy we already embarked on leaving for our children and grandchildren.

With this preface, the ARGENTUM POST leaves its readers with a short but very powerful video which the splendid news program DEMOCRACY NOW hosted by the indefaticable courageous, intrepid, brilliant, compassionate host Amy Goodman gifts our nation with, in company with her co-host Juan González and her awesomely dedicated staff.

The video is of the interview by Amy Goodman of Noble Peace Prize-Winning Economist, Joseph Stiglitz who wrote the book ” People, Power, and Profits: Capitalism for an Age of Discontent “.

The second video is of the interview by Amy Goodman of the very principled and courageous journalist Nima Elbagir who risked her life by entering Yemen which for 5 years has been bombed by the genocidal Saudi led and US/British/Israel* supported war which according to the WHO, is close to resulting in the worst genocide by famine and war injuries in  history of 400 thousand children under 5 years. CNN to its credit has helped Nima Elbagir in this difficult and dangerous mission.

PS Due to a technical problem this Second Video will be posted at a later date.


2 thoughts on “IT is Now an Imperative:Progressive Governance + World-Wide Nuclear Disarmament, Sine Qua Non We Face Humankind Extinction Sooner Than Naturally

  1. Michael C. Corey says:

    Well written Alfredo! And yes, it is time Not to let up with our liberal wish list. Biden has learned lessons which Obama never did: pointless negotiations with neo-fascists won’t matter. Glad this Relief Bill passed with ONLY DEMOCRATIC VOTES. Still, give Joe time, his heart is in a much better place than Orange-Man could ever be.

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