The Beginning of the Exposure of the Danger of The Biden Administration


March 18, 2021 by Alfred

Just about 6 weeks in office, President Bidden has displayed an appalling absence of creative thinking, egregious incapacity for diplomacy, and much worse, a display of reckless ignorance coupled to disregard for human life and respect for the U.S. Constitutional Laws.

Just about 6 weeks in office, President Biden ordered the deportation of 33 Vietnamese adults who came to the U.S. while children, ordered the international and Constitutional Law violating bombing strikes on Syria without consultation with Congress,  which killed 22 people, allegedly but all bereft of proof, that a “threat” exists” to American soldiers/mercenaries in Iraq by “possibly” Iran-linked militias.

As if this is not enough, Biden in an interview by George Stephanopoulos at CNN characterized the President of Russia as a “killer” and added that Putin will pay for it, all again without any proof. Today Putin recalled the Russian Ambassador in the U.S.

Biden acts as if the People’s Republic (PRC) is an “enemy ” and supports the sending of warships to the China Seas as if the PRC has sent warships to the Caribbean.  According to the most eminent historian Vijay Prashad, the U.S. has in the last 40 years carried out 46 massive bombardments while the PRC has not carried any.

This is total insanity and an utter lack of statesmanship.

Even the mainstream media is reporting these egregious declarations and moves.

See Biden Brings No Relief to Tensions Between the U.S. and China and A Biden Stumble in China

The Uighurs saga of falsehoods is another one of these PRC vilifications bereft of proof that has been now been debunked, yet the MSM acting as stenotypists for the neocon/neolib cabal continues to criminally repeat the meme that the Uighurs are in a concentration camp and their babies are being killed, a necrophilic execrable lie that was used during the first Gulf war when the pretext of Iraqi soldiers throwing babies out of incubators was sordidly used by the senior Bush administration for military intervention, a myth which shortly thereafter was debunked.

In this case, the Uighurs legend was created by the German evangelical right-wing extremist Adrian Zenz who claimed he was selected by God to fight socialism.   Max Blumenthal (inter alia) has exposed in the Gray Zone, this mendacious disinformation.

We-the-People demanded and elected and deserved an honest competent man who knows better than to nominate the hawkish Antony Blinken Secretary of State to serve us in our struggle during this pandemic nightmare after the nightmare of 4 years under a fascist criminal, and then this irrationality mixed with calumniation, aggression, provocation is being carried out in our name.  This is NOT what a DEMOCRACY is.

The independent magazine REASON correctly points out that Joe Biden’s Secretary of State pick has been an “avid backer of American military intervention“.

Seventy percent of “we-the-people” are fed up with military interventionism for the sake of the industrial/military complex and its stockholders.

Our uber unregulated capitalism is taking us all down a lethal spiral to the abyss of nuclear war.

What the U.S. needs is peace by justice and equality NOW and a total end to destructive military interventionism coupled with destructive military spending which deflects urgently funding for social programs, and massive and health and education for all in addition of spending on infrastructure, housing for the unemployed and the jobless to prevent their massive evictions in an environment still infected with COVID scourge.

We need NEW DEAL, reforms, aimed at becoming a PROGRESSIVE SOCIAL DEMOCRACY and this must be funded by very PROGRESSIVE TAXATION of BILLIONAIRES AND MILLIONAIRES.

We also need the global nuclear arms arsenal’s elimination.

We also would immensely be served if the former arms inspector Scott Ritter would run for the presidency of our nation.

Additionally, we need to stop sending $10 Million Dollars per day to the Apartheid Zionist power structure of Israel, and once for all we must end all support for SAUDI ARABIA which is carrying out genocide in Yemen with Israel’s support, and which brought us 9/11 and executes an average of one person every other day for their “crimes” to demand democracy, not to mention the courageous, noble, dissident journalist of The Washington Post, namely Jamal Ahmad Khashoggi which the bloody dictator Mohamad Bin Salman ordered as confirmed, to its credit, by the CIA

We the People have elected a government to serve us and not the other way around.


One thought on “The Beginning of the Exposure of the Danger of The Biden Administration

  1. Marie Spike says:

    Indeed, very dangerous and appalling! It’s unbelievable that there are, and always have been, so many in authority who have no intelligence, honor, integrity and empathy for the suffering of others. Kudos for all your fine journalism and passionate activism.

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