What America Needs Now is Peace/Justice/Equalization/Progressive Reforms


March 24, 2021 by Alfred

Constructive diplomatic statesmen’s-like & stateswomen’s-like engagement with friends and “fake foes” and real foes alike is urgently needed.

Sadly the notion of the fabricated “fake” irrational and criminal notion that on a synergistic bipartisan neocon/neolib corrupted politicians with the major sectors of the corporate press have gotten away with has cost us-the-people a catastrophic hemorrhage of treasury and blood.

The vast majority of “we-the-people” have now, on President Eisenhower’s warning, for decades vehemently opposed the “Deep State’s” execrable regime change, interventionistic, imperialistic wars on terribly mendacious grounds for the sake of the industrial-military complex and of its stockholders.

The same catastrophic loss of lives and resources applies to fake and real foes internally.

We-the-People” have vehemently demanded major gun regulation federal laws to end for all times the United States status as the only developed and/or underdeveloped nation in the world, which allows a minority of the NRA/GOP toxic lobbies to get away with erroneously interpreting the Second Amendment and thereby make it possible as nowhere else in the world for fascist, demented crackpots, ignorant, and malevolent, mentally sick individuals to buy the automated innocent human life destroying machines which can fire 40 rounds per minute.

We still are fighting the scourge of the pandemic COVID virus, at long last managed to liberate ourselves of the scourge of the political catastrophe Trump and cohorts engendered and instead to starting to immediately say “America is Back”  back in up by actions, our new President has already managed to in a Constitutional Law violation fire of strikes in Syria which killed some 20 people on the flimsy allegation that Iranian proxies may threaten our mercenarys’ in Iraq (?!).  Weeks later, the same President had the temerity to state that Russian President Putin is an assassin without proof supporting this highly inflammatory slur allegation.   Russia has now withdrawn its Ambassador from the U.S.

To add insult to injury, Biden’s Secretary of State in his first encounter with co-equals of the Peoples Republic of China, (PRC)also offends and threatens them as if they were threatening us with their major social and economic progress and without having since their 1949 revolution attacked or invaded any country and even allowing their province Taiwan to have limited autonomy.

Today Blinken goes ahead as if he was trying to imitate a Mike Pompeo on steroids and threatens the PRC and Germany with sanctions if they go ahead with Russia’s construction to Germany pipeline, which is 95% completed.

This state of affairs hardly differs from the one which we all had to suffer under since 2016.

Biden still has a chance to redeem himself partially if he goes ahead immediately with his state intention to illegalize the use and possession of automatic weapons.

If Binden’s will is genuine, there is a way for him to be inspired by Australia’s even decent Conservative government, which has adopted the buy and destroy policy of doing away with 51 thousand weapons.

“We the People” must apply the maximum pressure on Biden to use a curfew if necessary to immediately ban the possession and purchase of automatic weapons.

This is the least what “we the people” deserve, but it must happen instantly. A delay in the protection of the lives of Americans for political reasons is literally a crime against the humanity of our people.

We also need and deserve the appointments to the most crucially important positions in America of not so much “politicians” since “Politics” is merely the art and science to assume and conserve power.

What we need is the appointments of exclusively secular humanists and/or spiritualized humanists, who are rationalists, naturalists, principled diplomats, endowed with the highest standards of ethics, morality, and obviously honesty.

We have in America millions of people who would begin to work for us rather than us having to force them to that.  Millions which will give us a universal health care system, free or limited cost college education, and infrastructure and transportation improvement projects which will employ and/or train millions of workers using the funds gained by the ending of all wars and by the dismantling of the corrupt and wasteful industrial-military complex which along with myopic politicians such as Pence are pushing for the militarization of outer space.

One of the most impressive intellectuals who interviews the most impressive co-intellectuals in a veritable highly educational mode is at this point presented to the readers of this ARGENTUM POST.   His name is Chris Hedges and he is in this case interviewed by the economist Richard Wolff who is as well a brilliant scholar.

This is just one of a myriad of enthralling interviews of humanist and progressive intellectuals in America, yet none of the major networks has any program bringing these devoted Americans to the needed attention of the American people.

Sadly it takes RT to bring these noblemen to our attention and most importantly to the attention of our students.  Yes, the mendaciously much-maligned Russian network, all on the basis of fake news, is educating our youth in a highly objective manner.

2 thoughts on “What America Needs Now is Peace/Justice/Equalization/Progressive Reforms

  1. Marie Spike says:

    All so sadly true, Alfred! Thank you for featuring this very disturbing news: “Today Blinken goes ahead as if he was trying to imitate a Mike Pompeo on steroids and threatens the PRC and Germany with sanctions if they go ahead with Russia’s construction to Germany pipeline, which is 95% completed.” Oh, how I wish someone would put tape over his mouth and put him behind bars! Peace & thanks, Marie

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