At Long Last the Fog is Burned Off the Perfidiously Mendacious Lies About Cuba:The Washington Post to its Credit Deserves a Reward for It

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April 1, 2021 by Alfred

NOTE:  To Cut to the Chase of This Article Readers May Scroll Down to its Link.

For way too long the corporate media (aka MSM or “Mainstream Media”) has been grotesquely derelict in its duty to honestly report information which becomes education to which “we-the-people” have a right to access without having to undertake research projects or alternative media such as the excellent Max Blumenthal’s Gray Zone and foreign media.

This scandalous democracy undermining and illegal behavior and undue influence by the greedy and corrupted corporate sector and by right-wing corrupted politicians has not only violated our freedom to know the truth which is as sacred as our freedom of speech, but much worse, it has led us into wars on the base of ignominiously fabricated falsehoods by its horrific abuse of manipulative cultural programmation which uses shamelessly hate and fear-mongering by imagined “threats”, all to benefit the organized crime industrial/military complex which former President Dwight Eisenhower warned us about in his Farewell Speech.

Eisenhower further warned about not getting involved in “foreign entanglements” such as invasions and occupations and regime changes of nations whose governments do not follow our interests.

The United States of America could by 2021 be a paradise on earth were not for the criminal undermining of our Constitutional based democracy and were it not for the execrable tolerance on a bipartisan basis (today more than ever) by neocons and neolibs to do exactly the opposite of what former General and then President Eisenhower warned us not to.

Today more than ever the national needs of our people in the areas of public health, or public higher education, of infrastructure repair, of transportation improvements particularly in the railway area are neglected because precious funds or our hard-earned tax dollars are being hemorrhaged along with the blood of our soldiers, foreign innocent civilians in needless wars, in space militarization, funding nuclear weapons upgrading instead of leading global dismantlement of all nuclear arsenals, and maintenance of more than 800 military bases throughout the world.

And this in addition to a military budget which is higher than that of all the nations for the world together.

Furthermore also this, in synergy with a major collapse and bankruptcy of common sense, ethics, morality, civility, humanism, rationalism, and naturalism is bringing us now rapidly down into the lethal spiraling abyss of a potential nuclear war with Russia and/or the People’s Republic of China by the vicious, meme loaded, calumniated hate and fear-mongering relentless campaigns against non-existent foreign “enemies”.

Sadly this country from the git-go had imperialist tendencies as did its Anglo progenitor, but now more than ever the U.S. has become a declining provocative interventionist hegemonic hawkish empire that is not able to cope with the reality that the era of supremacy is over and the nonsensical so-called “exceptionalism” does not exist in this multipolar world.

The insanity of our so-called “defense” spending which actually is a highly wasteful offense spending, in synergy with our social stratification which has led to a major increase in criminality at home, due to an obscene inequality, which has generated a racist “uber class” stratum which is dominated hawkishly by a hegemonic oligarchy of multibillionaires totally out of touch with the vast lower and middle class, this is a recipe for internal suicide something which has become most apparent with the onset of the present pandemic and the neglect of our climate change requiring measures.

Adding to this is the brainwashing notion that we cannot tolerate the idea that we must forbid their evolution in adopting such valuable, humanistic, progressive, socialist values to survive this horrendous state of affairs, and therefore to boot even more obscenically, to attack, punish with terrorist sanctions, such nations such as the Peoples Republic of China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay and many more simply because we need to control them to align with our greedy interests and most particularly those which would introduce socialist elements to the social and economic development which would be successful and could lead to more nations in the world undertaking this path.

On the other hand, such murderous regimes as the Saudi Arabian, which executes an average of one execution every other day, or the Egyptian Sissi dictatorship which we embrace and sell weapons to,  along with the Apartheid regime of the occupant of Palestine which incredibly is funded by our taxpayer’s money by $10 million dollars per day (!) while we are now supporting for 7 years the genocidal destruction of the poorest nation of the Middle East namely Yemen.

With this preface, the ARGENTUM POST cuts to the chase of the main object of this article by highlighting and highly commending the historic move of The Washington Post and by its journalists Anthony Faiola and Ana Vanessa Herrero who also received a contribution from Kreem Fahim in Istanbul, in focusing on one of the most bizarrely vilified nations, namely Cuba for its people’s noble and courageous liberation from the real U.S. supported dictator Fulgencio Batista.

It now has been now 61 years that the U.S. has blockaded, sabotaged, and helped criminals to assassinate the liberators of Cuba, but pretty much in the same manner that the crimes against Cuba to this day have hardly been reported on by the MSM, the crimes and sabotage in support of the invasion and occupation of Palestine by the British empire which facilitated the occupation of Palestine by Zionists who have been opposed for decades by decent Jewish universalist Thora abiding laws,  have also not been covered by the SMS.

These atrocities have been the object of all-day conferences to audiences from all walks of life numbering usually 400-500 people in such dignified and prestigious institutions like the National Press Club which this writer attended for the last 7 years.

The series of conferences on the topic of the take over of Palestine is titled “The Israel Lobby and American Policy“.  Each one is available by merely entering the title in the Google search field.   This year, due to COVID the conference will be virtual and will be titled “Transcending the Israel Lobby at Home and Abroad“.

The American people are not aware of these important events because outright gag orders have been issued, particularly to government workers to not discuss them.  This is due to the undue influence of the Israel Lobby (AIPAC) which in fact in violation of FARA ( Foreign Agent Registration Act).

There is a dearth of vital information that would bring about a quantum change in voting criterion if the American public was privy to this reality.

So, at this point our readers are provided infra with the Cuba report which appeared today, on 03/31/2021 in the Washington Post.

This is the moment in our history when we have the opportunity and duty to pressure the Biden administration to listen to independents and progressives to end the scandalous veritable censorship which “we-the-people” must no longer tolerate.


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