At Long Last Amnesty International Acts Decisively to End Apartheid Israel’s Power Structure’s Crimes Against Palestinians from 1948 To This Day


February 3, 2022 by Alfred

The Argentum Post has covered since 2010, for educational purposes, the history since 1948 of the barbaric expulsions, severe international law and Geneva Convention violating illegal occupations and annexations,  incarcerations, and targeted assassinations of innocent peaceful protesters, followed by invasions of homes of the people of Palestine.  To boot they have created a literal open-air prison which can be characterized as a horrific concentration camp.

All of these heinous crimes were condemned globally by those who were fully aware of this reality, a most concrete and documentable reality which brainwashed and/or brazen racist supremacists,  corrupted politicians, and to a great extent ignored and/or distorted by the corporate MSM and to boot, way too many of those heinous crimes were shamefully meted out by evil perpetrators got away these atrocities were meted out “hidden” in plain sight.

Any civilized, normal, and human being who dares to critique this calamitous state of affairs is often immediately, at best, told by the perpetrators and/or supporters of this outrage,  that these perpetrators have the right to do this because are “exceptionalists” and henceforth “superior“, or at worst, we the normal, rational, decent, validly critical people become the victim – to add insult to injury- of the thrown at us most obscenely the most enervating mendacious misuse of the term “anti-Semitic” which all of sudden they somehow feel they can use in its sordid weaponization effect.

Prior to ending this foreword to the presentation of an excellent interview of Philip Luther, the Senior Research and Policy Adviser of Amnesty International (AI) which in this case is joined by the support of Israel’s most honorable and courageous human rights organization B’Tselem, as well as by Human Rights Watch.

The writer of this article feels compelled under this climate to clarify that he is the son of German/Austrian parents who managed miraculously to escape the Nazi monsters in 1939 and these parents had to be forcibly separated and luckily were reunited in the only country that gave them asylum, at the time, and that was Bolivia.

It must be also added that the infra interview was conducted by the indefaticable, one-of-a-kind host of the highly prestigious program DEMOCRACY NOW namely Amy Goodman.

Also, it is important to note that the eminent Philip Luther of this AI interviewee points out that he is addressing the crimes of humanity against the Palestinians not by the Jews, but by those responsible for the said crimes.

To automatically mischaracterize a strongly documentable grounded critic of an ultra-right-wing Zionist criminal individual is not only a major insult but is also an imbecilic and risible oxymoronic slur.

In the case of this writer, it can be added that he has been an active supporter of some of the most principled, most rational, most humanistic, and universalist values abiding American Jewish organizations such as Jewish Voice for Peace, The American Center for Judaism, and others.

What must follow this historic move by Amnesty International et al. is the immediate intervention of the ICC in coordination with the UN to once for all intervene and bring an end to this calamity which must not be allowed to continue to fester on and soon may lead to a catastrophe particularly now that Israel is .

See infra the  (a) The definition of the UN Apartheid Convention of 1973, and (b) the link to the said interview.

It is a shame that it took so long for it to be implemented

(b) The link to the interview which is the object of this article

2 thoughts on “At Long Last Amnesty International Acts Decisively to End Apartheid Israel’s Power Structure’s Crimes Against Palestinians from 1948 To This Day

  1. Michael C. Corey says:

    At long last may the influence of racially motivated Zionists diminish.

  2. Marie Spike says:

    Thank you for sharing this momentous declaration by Amnesty International. It’s a sign of hope.

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