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  1. The Islamic State is Neither Islamic Nor a State and Its Characterization Must Defer to its Arabic Acronym “Daesh”


    March 25, 2015 by Alfred

    Since December of 2014, moderate Moslems in Arab states, as well as moderate Moslems in Turkey and in Iran, have …
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  2. The President’s Call for All Nations and Religions to Reject Extremist Ideologies That Fuel Bloodshed is Directed to Israel As Well


    September 26, 2014 by Alfred

    A unique opportunity potential for global cooperation is arising as a result of a regional and global effort formation to …
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  3. The Nationalization Embodiment of a Supranatural Belief is Not a “State”, It Is a Problem Which Cannot be Resolved by Bombing


    September 11, 2014 by Alfred

    A “state” or, in modern times, a “nation-state” is a geographical area that can be identified as deriving its political …
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